I might have bought Rihanna’s #Stunna Lip Paint solely for its ultra-cool bottle. Love! the sleek small glass reservoir that holds this lip color, with its sexy octagonal-sided lid/applicator handle. Wouldn’t this bottle be slick and sophisticated to take out of your purse for an after dinner re-application of lipstick? Its just too gorgeous to be left at home on my makeup counter.


Stunna Lip Paint by Rihanna comes in just five shades. Fenty Beauty believes makeup should not only be high performance, but that it should be made in shades that look great on all skin tones! So, each of these colors are supposed to be universally flattering:

  • my selection: UNCUFFED—the pinkest of the lot, this color is a rosy nude mauve
  • UNBUTTON—light peachy nude
  • UNCENSORED—medium dark orangey red
  • UNINVITED—true black with no blue tones
  • UNVEIL—fairly light mauve chocolate


A bit on the steep side, these lip colors run $24 USD on both the Fenty Beauty site as well as at Sephora.

Untitled_Artwork 6

Uncuffed is such a gorgeous shade! It has a medium darkness that I think can easily transition for day or evening wear.

Amazingly, these lip paints have 12-hour wear! When I’ve worn this color it does seem to survive even through coffee and meals. And, Stunna colors are all matte shades that go on effortlessly with the specially designed applicator wand.

Untitled_Artwork 9

The applicator tip is spongy, with just enough give. Its angled tip allows accurate placement in the corners of lips and ease of blending out.

On lips, the texture is very light and non-sticky. You’ll forget you are even wearing it. But, I find it does stay tacky, and doesn’t set so firmly that you can’t rub your lips together easily.

Just so you can see how the tone compares with my natural lip color, here is the hue of my bare lips compared with applied Stunna:

I am delightfully impressed with this lip paint! And, I do think it is worth its relatively high price. I might also pick up the black color, which seems interesting to me!

Would love to hear what y’all think of Uncuffed. And, please leave me a comment if you have one of the other 5 colors or think you might want to try one.

Have a gorgeous week!!!




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