COLOURPOP lippies haul

@ColourPopCosmetics has a fabulous array of color choices and finishes for their lip glosses and lipsticks. I couldn’t help myself in ordering this array of mostly purple and burgundy-hued tube lippies at the beginning of October.

Here are the shades!

Untitled_Artwork 12

The first two of these are Ultra Glossy lip glosses (and, I ordered two of Double Agent because I like the iridescent quality it adds to top off any lip color). The others are a combination of Ultra Glossy and Ultra Matte lip shades.


Here are the finishes:

These initial two are special offerings by ColourPop: Disney Designer Collection—Bibbidi and ellarie x ColourPop—Yoshi:

Bibbidi (as in Bibbidi, Bobbidy, Boo!) is a sheer, Ultra Glossy lip, lip gloss. It is adds a golden micro-sparkle to bare lips or on top of another lip color and contains jojoba oil to benefit lips with some extra moisture.

Bibbidi gloss

Yoshi is a SUPER bright magenta violet Ultra Matte Lip shade created in collaboration with Ellarie. This is probably the brightest of the set I purchased.

I ordered two tubes of the other lip gloss in this group—Ultra Glossy Double AgentWith a violet sheen and an iridescent shine, I love they way this gloss adds a layer of dimension to lips.

All of the Ultra Glossy and Ultra Matte lip colors set fairly quickly once applied and are then non-transferable (particularly important with the bright and dark shades). With all of these, of course, it is best to start with a lip liner for more definition.

The two remaining Ultra Glossy lip colors here are: Believe Me and Finders Keepers. Believe Me is a bold metallic burgundy with plenty of cool tones.  Finders Keepers is a light, matte, medium coverage, nude mauve that is perfect for day wear. Plus, it is not at all sticky on lips.

Three more Ultra Matte shades round out this order: More Better, Pearl Next Door and Souffle. Even though each of these looks different in the tube, they all of a similar tone once applied.

More Better actually looks a shade lighter in the tube than it does on lips. It goes on as a deep, burgundy wine.

More Better lip

Pearl Next Door is such a dark red it is a bit hard to apply and stay in the lines. Until it sets. I learned to use caution with this oxblood red as it smears easily. And, even though I am drawn to this color, it is actually a bit too dark for my fair complexion.

Pearl Next Door lip

Souffle is another dark shade—an intense burgundy/purple. It too looks lighter in the tube than once applied to lips. I am grouping these three together because, on me anyway, they seemed to be interchangeably dark.

Souffle lip

ColourPop does sell corresponding lip liner pencils for each of these lip colors too, btw.

Now I have a new list of ColourPop lip colors to order next!: Varsity Blues, Mic Check, D Up, Avenue, Tulle, Baracuda and Soda Pop. lol And, the Chasing Rainbows palette is also definitely on my list.

Hope you are having a fabulous week (and a long Thanksgiving holiday weekend in the U.S.)!

If you have a favorite ColourPop lippie color name please let me know!

You go Gorgeous! xo,





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