BIRCHBOX Fall 2018—September and October boxes

Without any further delay, I wanted you to be able to see what beauty samples I received in my September and October Birchboxes. Stay with me, as this list is a little long.

September’s theme—We’re Celebrating You!

September’s box marks eight years that Birchbox has been around, and the fact that this subscription service has now reached over 1 million global subscribers! Here are the products that I received:


#Birchbox introduced me to this brand of hair products: R+C0. And so far, I have really liked using every product that I have received by them.

Blow Out Balm would make a great addition to anyone’s hair styling regime. I work it through freshly towel-dried hair before styling. It protects tresses from thermal heat and UV rays, as well as adds a bit of body and a light hold.

Key ingredients: Rice Protein (conditions & strengthens), Hydrolyzed Soy Protein (moisturizes and amps up elasticity), Pro-Vitamin B5 (conditions & thickens), and Vitamin E (conditions, strengthens and adds shine via antioxidants).

Untitled_Artwork 6 2

I was pleasantly surprised by this lip product. It is very creamy when being applied, and quickly sets for 6-hour wear.

Patina Shimmer is a copper-y pink, rose color with a metallic finish that has a very light, comfortable feel on lips. Moisturizing ingredients are Vitamin E and avocado oil.

Good Genes revitalizes skin by exfoliating dead, pore clogging cells and brightening any discolorations. It also instantly plumps fine lines.

To use, apply a think layer to clean, dry skin right after washing your face in the morning or evening, twice a week. If needed, usage can be increased to n more than once a day. Safe to use on face, décolleté and/or face.

Power ingredients: lactic acid (exfoliates and produces collagen), aloe vera (soothes), licorice (brightens) and lemongrass (boosts radiance).

Lavender and chamomile essential oils in this pillow spray is designed to create a more relaxed state when you lay down for bed, to help you fall asleep faster. It is a natural aromatherapy solution meant to assist in staying asleep and waking rested.

When I sprayed it on my pillow I didn’t particularly like the lavender, but did think the herbal scent was overall soothing. And, it does dissipate through the night so as not to be overwhelming. In case you are wondering, the mist is very fine and it did not leave any oily residue.

A silky smooth face primer, No Poreblem has a silky smooth texture that has the effect of blurring fine lines and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

This primer also creates a barrier between environmental aggressors and skin, besides being a smooth canvas for flawless makeup. Plus, it contains NO parabens, sulfates or phthalates. Contains green tea extract and soluble collagen.

I’d like to get some of this in a full size!

Untitled_Artwork 6 2

+September’s Birchbox also came with a BONUS item! Hum Nutrition—Hair Sweet Hair gummy hearts:

Meant to support healthy hair follicle growth, these tasty, vegan, berry gummies contain: biotin, folic acid, fo-ti, b12, zinc and paba. They are also gluten-free, soy free, non-GMO, sustainably sourced and without artificial colors.

With just one dose, it is impossible to tell how effective they are, but they do taste good. And, I noticed that HUM also makes Killer Nails gummies, for stronger nails and hair, which I want to try next!


October’s theme—turn over a new leaf

Some suggestions of new leafs might be: making sure to wear SPF even in the fall/winter, take a walk or drive to enjoy the changing leaves, or shop for the winter holidays early this year. My products:

Perfect for any skin type, Ceramidin cream/creme means business! It is a dermatologist-developed face cream that uses the safest, most effective ingredients to keep skin hydrated. To use, apply a small amount to face, and gently press into skin. Moisture retaining ceramides create a moisture barrier that works even in harsh weather.

Love this product! Not only is it powerful, but it is incredibly lightweight. I use this after washing my face at night.

I am marking this as one of my favorites. I figured out that you can find it at (of course) or Sephora, to name a couple places.

Untitled_Artwork 6 2

Metamorphosis is a single powder eyeshadow pan, that I will probably add to one of my magnetic palettes so that it is secure. This color is actually a frosty, light, golden taupe.

This shade is a little too close to my actual skin tone to show up very well on me. Unfortunately, I don’t really love this shade because it is not very impactful on me.

Ultra glossy, this sheer mauve/pink creates a lovely nude lip. It is thick and smooth with Vitamins A, C and E for their moisture and antioxidant properties. This gloss smells like caramel to me. Perfect for fall!

I was just thinking about all the product I put in/on my hair: shampoo, conditioner, in-shower moisture treatment, leave-in conditioner, texturizer, shine spray, sunscreen, hair oils, etc. Whew! That’s a lot (even though I don’t use all of these every time I wash). SO—ACV pre-shampoo rinse is a well-needed ‘re-set’ for my tresses.

With natural, exfoliating ingredients of apple and cider vinegars (how ‘autumn’), ACV gets rid of the buildup!

To use, squeeze directly from the bottle onto your scalp and freshly dampened hair. Massage in, then wait 1-3 minutes before rinsing. Voila! I think this really works well. Another #R+Co product to love.

To use this pink face treatment, apply to a clean face, gently massage in, leave on for 5 minutes, then rise.

Much hyped, Flash Pefection detoxifies, nourishes and exfoliates. Key ingredients are: fruit extracts rich in AHA, and of course Australian pink clay that pulls out impurities. I found this course-textured, earthy smelling treatment dries quickly so not much massaging was possible. Plus, you will want to test patch this if you have sensitive skin.

I’ll have to use it a few more times before I determine whether it really works for me.

Still with me? Want more? I’m sure my November box is on its way, so watch for a review of those samples soon.

If you’d like to try any of these products, you can find them on as well as the specific brand sites I’ve linked.

Keep cozy! xo,








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