TOO FACED Tutti Frutti eye shadow palettes

After seeing the lovely assortment of shades in Too Faced’s #TuttiFrutti eyeshadow palettes, I had to get BOTH of them!: Razzle Dazzle Berry and Sparkling Pineapple:



‘Plush and buttery’ is how the eyeshadow formula of these is described, all with a creamy, buttery wear and application. I, however, bought them primarily because I loved the range of shades! I got these eyeshadows from the Tutti Frutti collection at Ulta for $34.00 each.


I have found that within each set, the finishes vary pretty widely. And, with either of these as usual, I start with an eyeshadow primer (some of them do tend to have some fallout).

*Sparkling Pineapple:


Aren’t these eye colors gorgeous!

THE Pineapple SHADES:

  • Yum-Yum, matte warm cream
  • Coconut Sugar, fine milled frosty beach sand
  • Passports & Pineapple, matte latte brown
  • Sparkling Pineapple, satin coppery metallic gold (almost with a touch of green)
  • Island Queen, burnished olive frost with a bronze and light indigo blue shift
  • Tutti Cutie, matte coffee brown
  • Pineapple Cooler, creamy satin champagne frost

Untitled_Artwork 4Untitled_Artwork 12

These are a lot of fun to play with. Both Pineapple Cooler and Sparkling Pineapples have the most sparkles and seem to be the most creamy. Yum-Yum has the least color payoff, but since I usually use it just as an under brow highlighter it works out okay for a more natural look. The most hard to predict shade is Island Queen—Although it looks green in the pan, it has a definite bronze shift and looks bluish in some lights as well. I use Island Queen as an all over lid color or partial lid color.

IMG_2887Untitled_Artwork 9



*Razzle Dazzle Berry:



  • Dazzle, soft, barely pink pearl
  • Pink Suede, matte, light terra cotta pink
  • Razzle, creamy metallic seashell, warm pink with sparkle
  • Berried Treasure, creamy frosted burgundy/raspberry
  • Boys N Berry, matte, medium violet purple
  • Bad to the Berry, creamy blackberry purple with navy and pink shift
  • Thats My Jam!, faintly glittering purple with burgundy and  navy shift

Untitled_ArtworkUntitled_Artwork 8

The textures in this palette are almost identical based on the pan placement with the Pineapple palette. Both Dazzle and Thats My Jam! have the most sparkles and seem to be the most creamy.  Bad to the Berry has finite sparkles. Dazzle seems to have the least color payoff, but is more pearly than the highlighter in the other palette. Both Berried Treasure and Boys N Berry make fabulous lid colors.

IMG_3159Untitled_Artwork 5

Although I pick and choose which colors to use with each wear, here are my thoughts on the best areas of placement for these shades. And, note that I probably wouldn’t ever wear all of the shades in one application. There are NO rules with makeup, but this may help if you wonder where to start.

Untitled_Artwork 4

Of the two palettes, I favor the berry one because the colors are so much more impactful (never been one to shy away from an ultra bold eye look). However, if you prefer more subdued beauty, you may like the pineapple one better.


I hope you enjoyed seeing these two! They probably won’t be around long.


Have a gorgeous day!!!





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