SUPERGOOP! CC Cream in fair/light

Supergoop!’s tinted CC Cream is so awesome!

This one is SPF40, but I have had it for a little while and the same thing is now offered in SPF35+, which may mean that they found it was just a little less effective than first estimated (it happens).

However, SPF35+ would be perfect for me. As long as you remember to apply your sunscreen of choice (especially when outdoors) 15 minutes before going out, and then re-apply every two hours, something higher may not be necessary.

Supergoop CC cream

I purchased my 1.6 floz/47 ml tube from Sephora at $34.USD, but it appears that it is a couple dollars cheaper on the Supergoop site at $32.USD. My tube is in the color Fair/Light. Although, the colors available now are: Natural Finish, Light (probably closest to mine), Light to Medium, Medium & Medium/Dark.

Supergoop CC cream

I am impressed that the color from this CC Cream is more than you would get from a tinted moisturizer (but not quite as much as a foundation would provide). I usually wear mine with a little added concealer under the eyes. But if you are still tan from summertime you might be fine with this as your only face color.

There are so many reasons I am loving this #Supergoop CC Cream as my main face color:

  • It’s a 100% mineral formula
  • Broad spectrum sun SPF35+ sun protection from UV photoaging
  • Has light diffusing mica to even out skin color
  • Very lightweight, and non-sticky
  • Helps diminish dark spots over time


It includes ingredients with a mission: Apple Extract (brightens with Vitamin C and natural hydroxyacids), Irish Moss/Red Seaweed Extract (full of vitamins and minerals that help protect skin from free-radicals) and Sodium Hyaluronate (a molecule that holds some 1,000 times its own weight in water to maintain skin’s moisture levels). All good!

The active ingredients are: Titanium Dioxide 2% and Zinc Oxide 20%.

When applying, it only takes a very small amount. Although #Supergoop recommends just a pea size amount for the whole face I use a few small strategically placed dots to blend out with fingertips and cover my whole face. If you prefer using a beauty blender or wedge sponge, that should work just fine too.

Supergoop CC creamSupergoop CC cream

And, especially for those looking for a light and ‘clean’ alternative to your face sunscreen, it is good to know that this CC Cream is all of these things:

  • Cruelty-Free
  • Allergy-Tested
  • Non-Irritating
  • Paraben-Free and Synthetic Fragrance-Free

Supergoop CC cream

Note that this product is NOT waterproof, however. So, while it is great for day use, if you are at the beach you will probably want to switch to something you know won’t come off in the water. Many times I end up layering sunscreen products, even though that may be a little overzealous (lol).

Supergoop CC cream

Even with my typically oily complexion this seems to stay on all day without a problem and stays matte. Plus, it has not caused any breakouts for me.

I usually start with a moisturizing face serum that absorbs well ( like Becca’s Skin Love), then add this over the top. Besides a little under eye concealer I bake the under eye area with a setting powder after applying all three products.

Hope you have something fun or luxurious planned this evening! You go, Gorgeous!



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