TARTE Be A Mermaid eyeshadow palette

Tarte’s Be A Mermaid & Make Waves limited-edition palette is absolutely enchanting! This may already be hard to find anywhere, but I thought you would enjoy taking a look:


First of all, the actual palette is so beautiful! The back and the front of it look exactly the same, with an iridescent turquoise, quilted, faux-leather covering. It isn’t exactly puffy, but has a soft feel and bows out (like an actual shell) a little in the middle just a tad. The gold rim snaps closed and the lid top has a full size mirror. In the pix above, see the way the light picks up different shades of green, blue and aqua.


Within, there are a total of 14 matte and metallic eye shades. Each contains tarte’s famous Amazonian Clay ingredient for creaseless, fade-proof wear.


And, hopefully you can see from this photo, tarte also printed “99% mermaid” at the top of the inside mirror!


Most of these eyeshadows are frosty. There are three matte colors that work great as crease colors (shore thing, sandbar & shipwreck), and one duo-chrome shade (bubbles) that is a combo of blue/green with a burgundy shift. I typically use either shipwreck or lagoon for a lash liner, but layering with these colors will give you endless options.

Untitled_Artwork 6IMG_2386Untitled_Artwork 5Untitled_Artwork 2

I find that these go on truer to the way they look in the palette when used with a primer. Of course also use a setting spray to get the longest wear.

Here are a couple of application ideas:

Untitled_ArtworkUntitled_Artwork 2

As the majority of these are metallic shades, that do generally tend to have a bit more fallout than other finishes, I wear these with a setting spray too!

Untitled_Artwork 4Untitled_Artwork 20

I took a ton of pix to capture the range of colors in this palette.


Untitled_Artwork-1 2IMG_4717




DSCN2054 2


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