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Contouring is such a fabulous way to accentuate your facial features and add more depth. Particularly if you don’t tan well, have sensitive skin, or just want to keep your facial skin out of the sun, contouring is a great way to get a healthy sunkissed glow with minimal harmful sun exposure. And, contouring is totally up to you, so have fun with it!

I recently ordered two Tarte contouring palettes that each include 6 pressed powder shades for the face, and were on sale at tartecosmetics.com from $45. to $30. USD (so I went a little wild and got 2):Untitled_Artwork 5Untitled_Artwork 4

The one with the gold lid is a tarteist contour palette and the one with the rose gold lid is the tarteist contour palette Volume III. They each have a different set of face color products with various finishes and shades:


Untitled_Artwork 2Untitled_Artwork 5

Both are limited-edition palettes, are dermatologist-tested, and I love that they each contain all the products you will need for face color. The lid for each of these snaps closed, and the trays are all magnetic—so you can mix the colors around or pop in new pans anytime.

Here, I’ve created a general chart of where to place contouring shades, before blending them out:


I listed the center shade as highlight below, but Tarte calls the middle shade in each palette GLOW. The middle shade in each is meant to be used to highlight the cupids bow of the upper lip (the only area I left off in the picture directly above).

*First is palette is simply named tarteist contour palette:

Untitled_Artwork 3DSCN2617

Shades in this palette are ALL matte. The colors are all slightly more subtle than the other palette as well. If you want a more natural looking contour, this one will work perfectly.


I think it is handy that these palettes tell you which shades are intended for which purpose, right next to each color on the palette. Here is a breakdown for this palette starting with the top left shade, working clockwise:

  • 1. highlight—matte palest apricot
  • 2. correct—matte yellow-toned cream
  • 3. contour—matte pale cocoa
  • 4. contour—matte neutral sepia
  • 5. accentuate (blush)—matte soft clover pink
  • 6. glow—sheer seashell white with the tiniest bit of glimmer


The two contour shades allow you to use the one that best matches your skin shade, or layer them for added depth. The correct shade is meant to be used under your eyes to minimize any dark circles, and can be used instead of baking with face powder in this area. Even though tarte designates the pink shade as accentuate, I use it like a blush and blend the edges of it into the correct (above) and contour (below) for a seamless contour.

*The second circular palette is called tarteist contour palette Volume III or ‘version’ III:

Untitled_Artwork 7DSCN2637

Of the two palettes, I think this one is my favorite because it contains shades with shimmer and three contouring colors—two are bronzes and the last is a deep contour color.

Here is a breakdown for the Volume III palette starting with the top left shade, working clockwise:

  • 1. blush—matte soft mauve pink
  • 2. highlight—frosty ice pink
  • 3. contour—matte dark coffee brown
  • 4. transition bronze—sheer tan with a mineral sparkle
  • 5. bronze—warm, deep tan with minimal sparkle
  • 6. glow—golden crystal shimmer


This palette includes 2 bronze shades to help blend out the edges of the contour shade as well as so the lighter/more sheer bronze can tone down the edges of the darker bronze color. I think this palette is great for transitioning from a tanner look mid-summer to glow-y skin for autumn.

Here I used one palette on each side of my face, so you may be able to see a comparison between the way they look on:

Untitled_Artwork 6

A few more photos for side-by-side comparison:


Untitled_Artwork 7

Plus!, neither of these palettes is made with any: parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium laurel sulfate or gluten. They are cruelty free too!


Let me know if you have a contour product that you can’t live without. I know the cream and stick contour colors are so lovely because of their blend-ability. Will blog some of those soon too, stay-tuned.

Have a gorgeous week!!!

xo, Jen



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