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I’d been meaning to try this popular setting spray for some time, finally I ended up purchasing two full-size Slay All Day setting sprays from Gerard Cosmetics:


The reason I ended-up getting two (instead of one to start) is that this spray comes in 11 fantastic scents to choose from. Each scent is color coded, hence the two colors of spray. Here is the full list: Coconut (white), Cucumber* (green), Grapefruit (pinkly lilac), Green Tea (pale green), Jasmine (pale warm pink), Lavender (lavender purple), Lemongrass (light yellow), Mango (light pinkish orange), Peach (orange), Rose (cool pink) and Watermelon* (pinky orange). The two I chose are Cucumber and Watermelon:

Untitled_Artwork 21Untitled_Artwork 22

As far as setting sprays go these keep makeup in place without any sticky feel. But the thing I love about them most is that the mist comes out in a very fine spray and in a wide enough arch, that you can get even coverage in just a few sprays. Just spray and forget about it, they are virtually weightless so you won’t feel like they add another layer to your face.

Untitled_Artwork 19They stand up to humidity effectively, preventing makeup from melting. Supposedly these setting sprays are meant to control oil and shine as well, but I find it is best to re-apply mid-day to maintain a shine-free face (especially since I have a naturally oily complexion).

And, I definitely give my face another spray with these between day and evening activities to make sure my makeup is truly set to stay (especially during the warmer months or after outdoor activities). Slay All Day will be perfect for combo skin complexions, which may not require a re-spray during the day.

Untitled_Artwork 20

Note: These setting sprays have one main job (to set makeup), and do not provide any additional moisture to skin. So make sure you are including an SPF moisturizer in your routine.


You can use this #GerardCosmetics spray as a primer instead of or in addition to using it as a setting spray. And, don’t worry about the scent clashing with your perfume or becoming annoying during the day, as they dissipate pretty quickly.


Slay All Day is cruelty-free, and made in the USA. This size is 3.38oz/95.8g that runs $22.00USD, however they also come in a mini size of 1.01oz/28.6g at $16.00USD each (which are just right if you want to try several of the scents). Of the two I purchased, I prefer the Watermelon scent. When I re-stock I will probably try Grapefruit, Peach or Coconut. I did read that some people felt the Jasmine scent was a bit too old world/heavy floral.

Have you been using these, already? Let me know what scents you prefer.

*Loves, I wanted to say sorry if you have received notice of a couple glitch posts in the last few days. I’ve been working on some updates to GiveMeGorgeous, and had one or two error blogs post (gnashing of teeth). Thank you for bearing with me!

Make it a gorgeous week!




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