DOVE Exfoliating Body Polish pomegranate seeds & shea butter

I can already tell you that I love this Dove Exfoliating Body Polish! It is totally affordable at just around $5.99, and will make a great addition to anyone’s summer bathing ritual because of its moisturizing and exfoliating abilities. You’ll be able to combat dry skin all summer long!

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There are three varieties: crushed macadamia & rice milk, kiwi & cool aloe, and pomegranate seeds & shea butter. Each, presumably uses seeds or crushed pieces of the seeds from the first ingredient in each name (I’m not sure how purely) to exfoliate. I found mine at Target, and chose the pomegranate version. And, I am so glad that I got this particular one because it smells like fresh fruit!


I had seen ads for this body polish and couldn’t tell the actual size (it looked fairly small) but the tub is really pretty big at roughly about 3.75″ in diameter and 2.75″ tall. Since you only need to use a scoop for each time you exfoliate (and Dove recommends 3-4 times a week), it should last a while. The packaging is entirely plastic, to stand up to the dampness of the shower/bath, and the lid screws on.

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To use, just spread over wet skin and massage in. You can feel the granules as they work to slough off dead cells and allow skin to better absorb moisture. The second ingredient in the title of each is its key moisturizing base, which is shea butter for this one.


The texture is really thick, but easy to scoop out with your fingers, and ultra creamy. I find that it suds just slightly and stays in place until you rinse it off. You really don’t need to use a washcloth or sponge with this, just massage it on gently.


After using this just once, I could tell my skin is better hydrated! I think this is a great find for summer.


When I finish with this tub, I’m going to try the kiwi version next! Let me know if you have tried one of this and if you like this as well as I do.


Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!! Before you head to the beach, don’t forget your SPF!

xo, J


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