BIRCHBOX MAY 2018—Soak in the Sunshine

Before the month has vanished, I wanted to share what I received in my May Birchbox. The May box theme is all about soaking in the sunshine! Tips for avoiding summer sun damage are:

  1. Get your yearly checkup with your dermatologist
  2. Do regular self exams for freckles and other skin discolorations
  3. Find the right SPF, the higher the better
  4. Apply sunscreen generously!

DSCN2364Untitled_Artwork 12

Here’s what I received this month, based my profile—

DSCN2368Untitled_Artwork 5

I’m a fan of the CLEAN line of perfumes, already. They are never overwhelming, but make skin smell even better than clean.

CLEAN Skin has a lovely simplicity. Top notes: sparkling honeydew and lotus petals. Middle notes: rose and melon. Dry notes: white musk, soft vanilla and amber wood. And while this variation is clearly floral, it is complex but still very fresh scented.

That’s not a typo: ‘Ol’ is part of the name of this davines product. And, this is just what my hair needs during the warmer months, a nourishing leave-in treatment to de-tangle, impart volume, add shine and protect against heat styling. Power moisturizing ingredient is Raucou Oil. Tons of additional moisturizing and protective ingredients ensure soft tresses.

Untitled_Artwork 14DSCN2401

To use, spray on towel-dried hair 10-15 times, comb through, and style! The mist comes out in a very fine particle spray with a light sweet ‘herbal’ scent. Hello smooth hair!

What better time to give products time to work than at night while you sleep. Midnight Recovery Concentrate actually works to reverse damage done to skin during the day by sun, pollution and stress.

DSCN2380Untitled_Artwork 16

This concentrate is packed with botanicals, and 99.8% natural. It plumps and moisturizes skin for a soft, smooth face in the morning. Plus, I feel lucky to get this sample because the product itself is quite expensive!

But, you only need 2-3 drops per application, to a freshly washed face at night. It also has a pleasant herbal scent, and it absorbs in an instant. So, no need to worry about this serum being too thick or oily, even if you have naturally oily skin like mine.

Heavy petal is a pale, shimmery rose gold that would look good on almost anyone.

I love that once you apply this waterproof shadow stick to your eyelid, it is set! for 11 hours of wear (no kidding). It won’t budge, smudge or crease. And, you can apply it directly by drawing it on. No primer required! A great road trip find.

Untitled_Artwork 8DSCN2384

The line of color that I drew on my wrist did not come off until I intentionally washed it off with soap and water. Incredible!

One & Done also comes in these colors: Out of Your Shell (pearl), Champagne Problems (silver/taupe), Peachy Sheen (metallic warm pink), Haute Cocoa (gilded dark copper), Empress Me (copper), AND Rock Steady (metallic green griege). I’ve got my eye on several more.

What an ingenious product! Just a bit of this clear gel on top of your cream lipstick will turn it matte! That means that you can virtually double your lipstick collection, and wear any of the colors you already have as matte. Very cool.

Untitled_Artwork 17.jpgDSCN2372

Note, that once you decide to go matte you can’t easily go back: you can’t add gloss on top of this gel if you change your mind (you’d have to start over). The say to avoid adding glosses, lacquers or balms with this product.

A couple more Davines Ol products, in sample size packets, are the last items this month.

Untitled_Artwork 10

These also contain Raucou Oil that protects hair from heat and UV damage. Apricot butter is the other power ingredient that softens strands. I’ll definitely use these to pack for an upcoming vacation.

That’s it for my May Birchbox: Get out there and enjoy the sunshine!



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