ANASTASIA Liquid Lipsticks: Madison, Poet and Sugar Plum

It all started with Poet, then I had to get a couple more of Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks. The wear for these is amazing! And so, I also ordered this lipstick in Madison and Sugar Plum:

Untitled_Artwork 14Even though Poet was the first color I was drawn to, I think it ended up looking a little too dark and morose on me. However, I loved the actual lipstick formula so much I chose a couple more colors to try: Madison and Sugar Plum, which I think both look much better with my complexion.


The applicator for Anastasia’s Liquid Lipsticks is a flat sponge-tip. It ensures much more accuracy than a wand with a tiny brush. And, because these lipsticks will stay put once they set (which happens very quickly) it is good to be able to put the color on precisely.

Liquid Lipsticks are very highly pigmented, liquid until they set (which only takes a minute or 2), non-drying, waterproof and smudge-resistant.


I think any of these would do well paired with a lipgloss, for when you do want a bit of shine. Liquid Lipsticks are each priced at $20.00 on the Anastasia site, and they are net wt 3.2g/0.11oz.

The colors I chose:

  • POET—A toned-down, earthy and moody mauve

Untitled_Artwork 13Untitled_Artwork 10

  • MADISON—A striking, deep, blue-toned plum/fuschia

Untitled_Artwork 12Untitled_Artwork 8

  • SUGAR PLUM—An iridescent medium raspberry pink

Untitled_Artwork 15Untitled_Artwork 4

I think the color Poet looks a little goth on me, which, unless I’m going for that, may be a bit much for normal day wear. I like both of the other two very well. However, I REALLY like iridescence of Sugar Plum. Madison is fun, and it definitely makes a statement with its unusual purple!

DSCN1674DSCN1608There are 39 colors in all to choose from of these full-coverage, opaque Liquid Lipsticks.

The most unusual colors, that might be fun to wear clubbing, include: Grim (griege), Requiem (metallic teal), Rio (blue-toned hot pink), and Potion (dark purple/burgundy).

And, the next few I want to get are: Vintage (dark orchid), Dusty Rose (warm, nude mauve), and Katheryn (brown berry).


You can also find this brand and these lipsticks at Ulta, Sephora, Macy’s, and Nordstrom.

*If you decide to purchase one or some of these, btw, I noticed that Nordstrom currently has these on sale for 15% off or $17.00.


Thanks for stopping by, Gorgeous! Send me a note if you have a favorite of these lipsticks that I didn’t select but should be added to my shopping list, or if one of these colors is already your favorite.

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