CLINIQUE Marimekko for Clinique Pop lip shades

What’s not to like about the fun designs of the tubes for Clinique’s Marimekko lip colors? These packaging designs are limited-edition, all inspired by Finnish design house #Marimekko.

In fact, Marimekko‘s clothing, fabric and accessories embody a functional and fun vibe. Clinique has captured this spirit with their lip color case designs. Marimekko’s signature prints include bold pink & red flowers, wide blue wavy lines, and huge black polka dots.

I opted for two lipsticks and one lip gloss from this collection (each @ $18.50 USD). The order also came with a gift of another mini Plum Pop lip color (a fabulous hue), a high impact mascara mini (in black), and three product samples (Pep-Start, Post-Workout Mattifying Moisturizer, and Moisture Surge a gel-cream moisturizer).











  • The first of this set is one of the Lip Colour + Primer lipstick formulas in #15 Berry Pop.

Granted, I selected each of these lip colors partially because I liked the particular design of the case, but this color is one is my standard/favorite, go-to burgundy-ish type of shades. Love this deep violet/red:















  • The other Lip Colour + Primer lipstick I chose is #04 Beige Pop.

These lip colors are great because they also are supposed to deliver 8 hours of moisture, along with the built-in primer which is a real bonus. And, Beige Pop has a velvet finish.

Not sure if this shade isn’t too light on me, however it may become my choice once I get a little bit of a tan (or add more bronzer, lol).

Beige Pop looks to be the lightest of the 16 colors for the Clinque Pop Lip Colour + Primers. I think that even the Nude Pop shade is just a tad darker than this one.
















  • The one Lip Gloss + Hydration that I purchased was in the color #17 Spritz Pop.

The lip glosses in this Clinique Marimekko line come in nudes, reds/corals, berries and violets. They are hydrating with sheer coverage and high shine. They are fairly thick in consistency but not sticky. Spritz Pop is a pale, sheer mauve.

There are a full range of 20 colors of these lip glosses to choose from. You can’t go wrong with any of these for summer.















  • The last in this set of lip color is the free sample that came with this order, another Lip Color + Primer mini this time in #14 Plum Pop.

I was so happy to get a sample of this color, because otherwise I would have ordered it in a full size. It is not part of the Marimekko line, but one of their regular Clinique Pop shades.

Plum Pop is a medium-dark violet/mauve. Very pretty, and perfect for day wear.
















In this pic I’m wearing both the Color Pop lipstick in Plum Pop and the High Impact lash elevating mascara in #01 Black.

I was pleasantly surprised with this mascara. It has 12-hour wear, is lightweight, doesn’t flake, includes mamey seed oil for conditioning, and has a curling polymer to give lashes curved length.

It is best to use a makeup remover to take off this mascara, btw.

And, finally! someone thought of a post-workout moisturizer that will diminish shine—Good job #Clinique!

Overall, a very nice set of lipsticks AND samples!


























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