CLINIQUE Marimekko for Clinique Pop lip shades

What’s not to like about the fun designs of the tubes for Clinique’s Marimekko lip colors? These packaging designs are limited-edition, all inspired by Finnish design house #Marimekko.

In fact, Marimekko‘s clothing, fabric and accessories embody a functional and fun vibe. Clinique has captured this spirit with their lip color case designs. Marimekko’s signature prints include bold pink & red flowers, wide blue wavy lines, and huge black polka dots.


I opted for two lipsticks and one lip gloss from this collection (each @ $18.50 USD). The order also came with a gift of another mini Plum Pop lip color (a fabulous hue), a high impact mascara mini (in black), and three product samples (Pep-Start, Post-Workout Mattifying Moisturizer, and Moisture Surge a gel-cream moisturizer).












The first of this set is one of the Lip Colour + Primer lipstick formulas in #15 Berry Pop.

Honestly, I selected each of these lip colors in part because I liked the particular design of the case, but this color is one is my standard/favorite burgundies. Love the deep color and the slight violet tone:









The other Lip Colour + Primer lipstick I chose is #04 Beige Pop.

These lip colors are long-wearing, claiming to deliver 8 hours of moisture! That along with a built-in primer which is a real bonus. And, Beige Pop has a velvet finish.

Not sure if this shade isn’t too light on me, however it may become my choice once I get a little bit of a tan (or add more bronzer, lol).

Beige Pop looks to be the lightest of the 16 colors for the Clinque Pop Lip Colour + Primers. I think that even the Nude Pop shade is just a tad darker than Beige Pop.


















The one Lip Gloss + Hydration that I purchased was in the color #17 Spritz Pop.

The lip glosses in this Clinique Marimekko line come in nudes, reds/corals, berries and violets. They are hydrating with sheer coverage and high shine. I’ve noticed that they are fairly thick in consistency but not sticky. Spritz Pop is a pale, sheer mauve which will work well for day wear.

There are a full range of 20 colors of these lip glosses to choose from. You can’t go wrong with any of these for summer.
















The last in this set of lip color is the free sample that came with this order, another Lip Color + Primer mini this time in #14 Plum Pop.

I was so happy to get a sample of this particular color, because I would have ordered it in a full size otherwise Note: that it is not part of the Marimekko line, but one of their regular Clinique Pop shades.

Plum Pop is a medium-dark violet/mauve. Very pretty, and also perfect for day wear.






























In this last pic I’m wearing both the Color Pop lipstick in Plum Pop and the High Impact lash elevating mascara in #01 Black.

I was pleasantly surprised with this mascara. It has 12-hour wear, is lightweight, doesn’t flake, includes mamey seed oil for conditioning, and has a curling polymer to give lashes curved length. It is best to use a makeup remover to take off this mascara, btw.

Overall, a very nice set of lipsticks AND samples!












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