GiveMeGorgeous got a makeover!



Hey there!

GiveMeGorgeous has been totally re-vamped!

You may have already noticed that my beauty blog just got a full makeover!

She had been due some needed refreshes, and an overhaul in other areas. I hope you will like the improved features and new, custom design elements. today is distinctively more floral. It’s prettier, sexier, and easier to navigate on all your devices. And, because we’re into sharing, you’ll now see a range of media buttons at the end of each post.

I truly appreciate (love!) all my readers and followers, and am grateful for those who consistently ‘like’ and comment on my posts (I do definitely notice).

I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to request specific beauty product or types of products reviews (and I’ll try to fulfill them), let me know your findings with the makeup items I’ve chosen to review, or just stop to say hi and give me the details on your current favorite cosmetics or skincare.

You go, Gorgeous!



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