ROMANO RICCI Juliette Has A Gun Parfums discovery kit

Posted on March 8, 2018


Juliette Has A Gun is a fabulously diverse set of mini parfums by Romano Ricci.

My friend Jane told me about this Perfumer, and I purchased his set from Sephora for $18.00 (a great price for 7 mini parfum samples and one slightly larger vial of fragrance). Getting the set is a perfect way to try out each of the fragrances before deciding on one full-size version to purchase.






Following are the scents in this set:

  • NOT A PERFUME—This is Ricci’s bestseller and the largest vial in the set. For those who shun typical perfumes, this one is a clean, fresh, basic scent. It’s also hypoallergenic. Because of its simplicity, this one can easily be blended with other perfumes to move your fragrance into the evening hours or create a personal scent. Cetalox is Not A Perfume‘s main ingredient—a musky, woodsy, amber scent.





  • SUNNY SIDE UPThis is the newest of the scents in Ricci’s collection. Like the warmth of sunshine, this scent is a happy blend of sandalwood and musk, with vanilla, rose, iris and jasmine notes. Sunny Side Up is a woodsy scent reminiscent of a sunny day outdoors.


  • ANOTHER OUD—The basis for this scent, Oud is a classic perfume ingredient. Oud comes from the wood of the Southeast Asian agar tree. Its fragrance originates in a dark scented resin that the tree sometimes produces. Often Oud is referred to as ‘liquid gold.’

Overall, the fragrance is a modern interpretation of Oud with added notes of bergamot, raspberry and musk. Another Oud is exotic and mysterious.






  • ANYWAYProbably my favorite in the group, Anyway is a subdued floral. Woodsy musk gives the fragrance weight, while citrus notes give it a brightness, all within a light floral main note. It contains green lime, heroine and musk. This one is very wearable and down to earth.






















  • GENTLEWOMAN—For the modern, sophisticated woman, Gentlewoman relies on masculine neroli and bergamot for its overall allure. Tinges of orange blossom and almond essence make it truly feminine. Main ingredients are neroli, almond and musk.














  • LADY VENGEANCEDistinctively feminine, Lady Vengeance‘s main notes are Bulgarian rose and patchouli. For the confident and daring female, this scent lingers with seducing lavender and alluring vanilla.














  • MAD MADAME will appeal to those who aren’t afraid to be bold. Its main ingredients/scents are rose oxide, black currant bud absolute and ambroxan. You can wear Mad Madame with abandon!


  • MMMM. . .Named for its irresistible, elegant, scent MMMM . . . relies on jasmine sambac, neroli and vanilla to tempt the senses. Notes of raspberry complete this sweet concoction. This is another of my favorites.













Each  of these parfums is available in a travel spray size, and as a full size eau de perfume spray in either 1.7oz or 3.3oz.

I would love to hear if you already wear one of these scents. Or if you have this collection—Which one is your favorite?



Hang in there, the weekend is on the way . . .



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