PHYSICIANS FORMULA Butter Bronzer and Butter Blush

You may have seen my previous post on the Butter Highlighter by Physician’s Formula. Well, after using that beautiful iridescent highlighter for a while, I had to get more of the Butter products. If you don’t have any of these, you may not know that they are SOOO soft, and basically turn from an ultra-silky, light cream to a powder when applied. They are good for your skin. And! best of all they smell like tropical coconut. 🙂

So, today’s post features a Butter Blush and a Butter Bronzer (hence the yellow tulips and roses in my photos)—









The ‘Butter’ part of the formula in these products refers to the inclusion of Cupuacu Butter, Murumuru Butter and Tucuma Butter that are in all of the Butter products. Each of these butters is plant derived and comes from the Amazon Rain Forest:

  • Murumuru Butter—A specific palm tree butter. Known to be ultra moisturizing.
  • Cupuacu Butter—From the Cupuacu tree (related to cacao). Creates a moisturizing, protective layer on skin.
  • Tucuma Butter—Very important for its polyphenols that combat free radicals in skin tissues, and for its fatty acids that moisturize.











This powerhouse trio of butter ingredients work in combination to improve skin’s moisture levels through hydration, providing anti-oxidants to protect skin, and acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. All good!

Each of the compacts come with a small applicator that is half sponge and half flat, yellow plastic handle underneath the top tray (between the product in the top and the bottom of the compact). However, I like to apply either of these with a blush or foundation brush instead, because it lets me better control the amount applied as well as how well it gets blended-out.

The sponge applicator in the blush compact is pink on one side and green on the other, while the sponge part in the bronzer is green on both sides:











The Butter Blush I chose is in the color Plum Rose #6834, a warm and just slightly bronze-y pink. The Butter Bronzer is in the color Light Bronzer which is the lightest of the shades they offer.














These colors turned out perfectly for my fair complexion, and look very natural and brightening on my skin.























I’ve done a drawing of placement for the Bronzer and Blush below (I threw in Highlighter placement as well), plus a photo of me wearing the blush and bronzer. Hopefully, you can see how natural they look once blended in on my skin (the drawing is just so you can easily tell where I’ve put each product):











Let me know if you already use any of these Butter products, and if you love them. Or, it would also be great to hear about other favorite brands for any of these products.





I will say that the lovely coconut scent of this blush and bronzer puts me a good mood when I brush them on in the morning. They also make me long for a tropical locale!

Have a gorgeous day!
















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