WEBSUN Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes

I’m sure that by now most have heard about magnetic lashes, if not tired them. But, especially if you haven’t tried them, today I’m going to give you all the details from my experience about how they work! I do think they are a great invention. Why hadn’t we thought of this before?!

I decided to order the least expensive option out there: WEBSUN Reusable False Eyelashes from Amazon, for $7.99 (which included tax and shipping).  I figured, what have I got to lose.











This included 4 lash ‘whispies‘ (pieces for the outer half of the lashes) in a plastic container—you need to have two for each upper lash because they magnetize together with your actual lash line in-between (that is how they stay on!). I have a couple notes about this purchase—First, having never used these before, I thought I was ordering full lashes (I couldn’t tell from the images how long they were) and because they were not described by the seller as whispies, merely as ‘no glue required fake mink lashes.’  For the price, I took my chances. Second, the lashes came with no instructions so it’s best to watch some UTUBE videos to get the general idea.

And, as it turns out, I am glad these are not the full-size magnetic lashes, as I experienced a bit of a learning curve just trying to get the whispie pieces on! lol. You can’t really trim the full size ones either, because of the magnetic bands at the base (that shouldn’t be cut) whereas the whispies will work with anyone’s lash line length.

These are the tools needed to apply magnetic lashes: Lash Curler, Mascara & Tweezers.









Here are the STEPS that worked for me (would also be applicable for full length magnetic lashes):

  1. Curl your eyelashes

This step is important because it creates a kind of ‘shelf’ for the top whispie to rest on just before you snap the two halves together. Also, it will make sure your actual lashes follow the curve of the whispies.

*You can use a hairdryer to heat the metal part of your curler prior to curling for added effect, but if so you need to be extra careful as to not burn yourself or damage your lashes (so I don’t necessarily recommend it). I did not do this when I applied them.











2. Add 2-3 coats of mascara

For this step you can use whatever kind of mascara you like. Your daily go-to mascara will work fine. Using mascara first will ensure that you create a uniform base for your lashes, and give your inner lashes and bottom lashes added definition (as the whispies only accentuate the outer part of your top lashes).

Let the mascara dry for a couple minutes before moving on to the next step.










3. Put on the magnetic lashes

This is the tricky part!

And, for this step, you can either use tweezers to help (although remember that the lashes are magnetic, so you want to make sure to hold them from the outer edges or close to the ends of the lashes and not near the magnetic bands).


Use can use your fingers to apply these.

I’ve tried both ways, and settled on just using my finger tips.

The way I found that works best is:

  • Set the top whispie in place on the top lash line with the band as close to the actual start of your real lashes base as possible. You may be able to just rest them on top of your top lashes at this point.
  • Then, press the magnetic base of the other half of this set onto the edge of your upper water line (underneath your real upper lashes).
  • Take your finger tips and very gently hold the two false lash pieces lined up on top of each other, with your actual lashes in-between, wiggling the pieces just a bit until your feel or hear the magnetic bands line up and click together at the base of your actual lashes. (Don’t worry the magnetic attraction is not powerful enough to damage your lashes, it will just serve to hold the whispies in place.)

Then, voila! The lashes are in place and should stay put all day.

Here are a few pix of me wearing them, over a few days of learning how to put them on. *btw, I may still not have the application down perfectly! 🙂






















I’m pleased with how they look, and think that they are a great alternative to glue-on lashes. These are a LOT less messy and can be reused without having to clean off all that glue. Plus, they accentuate my natural lashes very nicely!

To take them off, just pull them gently off and store in the plastic case them came in. Some magnetic lashes come in containers that have a magnetic base so they won’t move around in the container, which is nice.


I think these would be perfect to wear for weddings, dates or any special occasion, when you want to wear false lashes but don’t want to have to deal with the adhesive part of it. Perfect for brides!

Let me know of your experience if have tried any magnetic lashes or usually wear them. Or, if you need any help figuring out application, I’d love to answer any and all questions for you guys about magnetic lashes (to the extent I’m able).

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Have a gorgeous week!!















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