TARTE Foil Finger Paints shadow palette

I had to pick-up one of Tarte’s Foil Finger Paints palettes, because first of all WHOA! what a beautiful compact case.















The entire lid of this Rainforest of the Sea palette is encrusted in tiny turquoise stones, silver and copper rhinestones and multitudes of the tiniest shiny aqua, clear and copper beads. Totally gorgeous!!! The box, itself, is very pretty too with two tones of blue and text in gold.













And, just so you are forewarned, this palette is a limited edition exclusive (to Tarte and Sephora) available only online! It is priced at $39.00 USD at both Tarte and Sephora. Soooo, if these colors are shades you are drawn to, I would get online and put your order in now girl!, because this palette is one that I would definitely recommend.





This palette is part of Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea collection, which means that it contains their proprietary ingredient complex of algae and marine flower extracts that help fight the effects of aging (fine lines), and soften skin. Also part of the mix are sunflower seed oil and vitamins A and E, that further nurture skin.












The shadows:


  •     GOLD COAST—foiled golden beige


  •     SAILOR’S DELIGHT—coppery burgundy


  •     SEA GLASS—silvered chocolate


  •     STARGAZER—golden flecked sheer iridescent & silvery blue/grey sparkles



All of these colors are GORGEOUS! I particularly love the Stargazer duo because either shade works perfectly to top off  base eyeshadows, especially to make a day to evening transition. The sparkles in these two shades are so fine, and so flat (with virtually no bulk) that they will not irritate your eyes or flake off everywhere. Although! I would wear any of these with a primer for good measure.




















Although the compact does have a full size lid mirror, it does NOT come with a brush (the blue brush in these photos is one of my MAC brushes). And, probably with very good reason, because you will not one.

Seriously, the best way to apply these is with your finger tip (hence the name ‘foil finger paints’). The nature of the metallic-quality of these seems to contribute to their not sticking to a brush very well (kindof like Pat McGrath’s shimmery shades, if you’ve used those). If you try to apply them both ways (with and without a brush) you will see what I mean.

Buttery soft to the touch, and you don’t need to press into these eyeshadows at all to pick up color. Just swirl your finger tip over the top of the shadow you want to apply and then press them onto your lid directly from your fingertip. They adhere beautifully to your eyelid with amazing color payoff!

I created the arm swatches shown above this way, as well as the application in these pictures:












These two photos are with and without the whiter of the two Stargazer sparkles over the top:

sans Stargazer:                                                        with Stargazer:





Hope your week goes well!







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    • GiveMeGorgeous
      GiveMeGorgeous says:

      I know! You are the first one to comment on that. I took the pictures before I even touched it, but I think because these are really basically ‘cream’ eyeshadows when they were poured from the machine (or whatever) the ended up with a tiny convex circle. somewhat scandalous? 🙂 Have a gorgeous day!


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