Vampy Femme Fatale BURGUNDY lipsticks

Love dark lipsticks (like I do!)? This selection of six shades are all in the burgundy family, with some variation. Following is a little comparison and contrast of some of the dark lipstick shades in my personal collection.



















Although I have a pretty fair complexion, I do like to wear a dark lip, usually with a smokey eye for evening occasions. These shades are some of my darkest, in no particular order!:

  • Urban Decay‘s Vice Lipstick in—JILTED
  • MAC matte lipstick in—DIVA
  • TARTE color splash hydrating lipstick in—Yachting
  • SMASHBOX Always On Liquid Lipstick Rouge A in—Miss Conduct
  • TRISH MCEVOY lip color in—Sugar Plum Pink
  • MODELSOWN semi-matte lip stick in—cliche 

Of all of these, Jilted is the lightest, and more fuchsia pink really, than burgundy. While most of the darkest ones look very similar on, especially in low light (yachting, Miss Conduct and cliche), each of them has a different texture and benefits.

  • Urban Decay‘s Vice Lipstick in—JILTED










Vice lipsticks come in a whopping 97 shades, and 6 finishes, to choose from. Jilted is a vibrant blue-toned fuchsia pink with a shiny, somewhat iridescent, satin finish creamy matte lipstick. UD’s Pigment Infusion System means a smooth and even color application. Jilted is lovely and bright! It’s a definite complexion pick-me-up, anytime. These run about $17.00 USD.







  • MAC matte lipstick in—DIVA













Diva is a beautiful deep burgundy matte lipstick with a red under-tone. As with any of these ultra-dark lipsticks, it is best applied with a lipliner and a lip primer. This color is a classic! I got this one in a MAC mini Little Lipstick at the price of  $10.00 USD.



  • TARTE color splash hydrating lipstick in—Yachting











Yachting by Tarte is a deep blue-toned berry/red. It is ultra-dark and has only a faint shine. This is one of Tarte’s color splash hydrating lipsticks (hence the blue case and the color name). This one provides 12-hour wear, without feathering or bleeding, and moisturizes by way of Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea complex (algae and marine plant extracts, shea butter and olive oil). It has NO: parabens, mineral oil, phthalates or gluten. Plus, it’s vegan and dermatologist-tested. Way to go Tarte! This lipstick is a bit more expensive at $21.00 USD, but I appreciate all the extra benefits of this formula.

  • SMASHBOX Always On Liquid Lipstick Rouge A in—Miss Conduct











An Always On Liquid Lipstick Rouge A by Smashbox, Miss Conduct is definitely one of my favorites because of its staying power! This formula of lipstick is sold grouped in these categories: Bolds, New Matte Shades, Metallic Mattes and Nudes.

Miss Conduct is a dark, warm plum/red. These Always On liquid matte lipsticks have 8-hour wear, won’t smudge or feather, are ultra lightweight, include a primer oil, and use a Polymer Technology to achieve their smooth adherence. These are also cruelty-free. And, I already have my eye on Make It Reign (a purple metallic) for my next buy. These run $24.00 each, but even if you only get one color, I think they are worth it.













This is the one in the bunch that I may have had for too long because Trish does not seem to carry this color anymore. And, I can tell this one is getting a bit past its prime because of the somewhat uneven application. But, I thought it was worth mentioning this brand because this lipstick is very creamy and it stays for hours. I’ll have to look for a new Trish McEvoy color now, alas.

  • MODELS OWN semi-matte lip stick in—cliche 













I picked this one up at Ultra on a whim, but ended up loving the color. Ulta only recently (2017) started carrying this British brand—Models Own, which came to the US exclusively via Ulta. (Models Own also has fabulous metallic nail polishes, that are hard to find among other brands.) Love that these lipsticks are  ultra-affordable at $6.99 USD each.

Cliche is a semi-matte lip stick. I adore the color of this one, a deep red/burgundy. I now also want to get Redic, which is a deep brown/burgundy.



Hope you enjoyed taking a look at these dark lip colors of mine.

+btw, the ‘hello gorgeous’ cup is a #targetfind.

You go, Gorgeous!





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