BIRCHBOX December 2017—Holiday!

Birchbox December 2017—Holiday! This month’s samples came with a special eyelash curler extra, and a 10% off coupon for Birchbox purchases.











Here is a run down of what I received this month:










Air Repair is a new brand for me. I was delighted to receive their complexion-boosting moisturizer. It comes out of the tube a milky white color, quickly absorbs entirely and provides ultra-moisturization with humectants and anti-oxidants. Imparting extra care to skin during the harsh winter months or anytime when air is dry and skin is thirsty.

I love that this absorbs pretty much instantly, to plump and hydrate skin. It is best applied to a freshly washed face. I’ve been smoothing it on at night, just before bed.

Wow, how cool that Birchbox threw in an eyelash curler for the holidays! I’ll admit that I was a hold-out in adopting the use of an eyelash curler, but I now use one regularly because it really will make your eyelashes more noticeable and give you that wide-awake, eyes-open look (even when you need to fake it—party on).














The fact is that the simplest way to brighten your eyes and achieve stand out lashes is with an eyelash curler. And, they are generally pretty inexpensive (somewhere in the neighborhood of $13.-$20. , depending on brand). Plus, they will last virtually forever—this is not something you’ll need to continually restock=a great beauty investment.

To use: Gently (so as not to pull out any lashes) clamp lashes at the base of your lashline, and hold for about 10 seconds. For more enduring results, you can use a hair dryer to heat the curler (just warm is good), wait for it to cool slightly, then curl—think curling iron effect.

I apply all of my other eye makeup except mascara before using the  lash curler, then apply mascara. I know some like to curl lashes after mascara, but I have found before mascara is a better process because it prevents mascara build-up on your curler and clumping of lashes.

An amazing moisturizing mask! You can use this thick and creamy white moisturizer as a mask, leaving it on face and neck areas for 5-10 minutes, OR as an evening facial moisturizer once or twice a week.


Its powerful ingredients include:

  • Algae Extract—calms and softens irritated skin
  • Green Tea—antioxidant properties
  • Comfrey Root Extract—soothes inflammation
  • Jasmine Absolute—balances skin tone

The full size of this product is $72.00, so I feel lucky to have received  this sample and have the chance to try it out. I’ve been applying it to my face at bedtime, and wake with deeply moisturized skin.


  • DAVINES MINU hair products: shampoo, conditioner and hair serum

All of these are formulated for color treated hair, which is perfect for my foil processed hair. Whether you are dealing with hard water issues or just want to prolong hair color, these products will improve hair strength, clean without harsh chemicals and add shine.

The MINU/shampoo was a Self Magazine beauty award winner in 2015. It uses Salina Caper blossoms to gently clean hair without stripping color. It has a decadent thick texture, foams nicely and has a crisp citrus/floral scent.

MINU/conditioner also utilizes caper blossom extract to protect, soften and add shine to color treated hair. Although amazing, the full size comes in a small plastic box with a lid that opens fully. The inconvenient packaging of the conditioner is its only draw back.

MINU/hair serum is a lightweight leave-in treatment. It has the same fresh citrus/floral scent as the rest of the MINU line, and protects color from fading as well as adds shine.

I have noticed that the MINU line also includes a hair mask that can revive dry, brittle or over-processed hair, but alas it also comes in a plastic box, which may not be too much of a deal-breaker since you would only need to use it periodically.


In Blackest Black, this mascara will look great on anyone. It has a unique, tiny brush tip that allows you to coat even the tiniest eyelashes, without any clumping or fall-out.

And! the special brush tip is hollow, to hold extra mascara and allow enough product to coat all your lashes in just one application. Because the tip of the wand is a tube, it helps curl as well as give lashes gorgeous volume.

This mascara only seems to come in the one color, Blackest Black, which I think is the best color for everyone. Black will always make eyelashes stand out the most and will look great on even those with fair complexions and hair color.

Own it, Gorgeous!











  • And, my last sample item is: JANE IREDALE Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain in Forever Pink





I haven’t used jane airedale’s products very much in the past, so was delighted to receive this lip/cheek color. And, it looks gorgeous on!

I received the color Forever Pink, which would have been my personal selection of the three available colors. It also comes in Forever Peach and Forever Red, both of which I think are more vibrant on lips than this subtle pink.

Although it doesn’t impart a ton of color, the lovely universal pink gives lips such a lovely pink flush. Especially the pink will be ideal for the finishing touch on any ‘no makeup’ makeup.


Plus, this flattering tint is long lasting, won’t dry lips out, and is rich in natural botanicals. It contains a multitude of fruit and plant oils and extracts that contribute to its smooth consistency. Note that although it is gluten-free, it is not vegan as it does contain beeswax.

Use it on cheeks for a ‘just pinched’ flush, when skin needs a little extra moisture. The formula  makes cheeks look dewy and is a good option when you don’t want to use a powder blush.

Yet another product I’ll add to my list to get in full size, when this one is used up.








I hope you enjoyed seeing all of my #Birchbox samples for the month. Let me know if you also subscribe to Birchbox, and if you received some samples you love.

Happy New Year Gorgeous!!!















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      GiveMeGorgeous says:

      Thank you Lauren! Happy New Year! Did you receive or pick up any fabulous new makeup items over the holidays? I’ve been really tempted by all the sales, just trying to not go crazy. 🙂 xo, Jen


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