#BIRCHBOX October and November 2017

I’ve been saving up, here are the samples from both my October BIRCHBOX and November BIRCHBOX, , based on my predetermined preferences. I’m linking these to the brand sites, although Birchbox offers full size versions of all the products they sample to subscribers on their own site.

October 2017 BIRCHBOX/Behind the Scenes

This month is all about quick fixes for dry skin, caring for overworked hair, and makeup with staying power.




















The samples I received for October are:




This moisture rich face cream relies on natural ingredients, that deliver results from medicinal traditions. It contains vitamins (A, D, E and F), essential fatty acids, shea butter, beeswax, soy proteins and aloe vera. It provides necessary nutrients to skin in combination with water for a soft and smooth face. This multi-function cream is dermatologist tested and fine for sensitive skin. It can be used to cleanse or moisturize (works fine under makeup for day use). Love getting this sample.

























This is a liner with a  flexible tip that allows you to apply the black liquid eyeliner as thick as you want or as fine and precise as needed. One can never have too many black eyeliners. This one goes on without tugging, stays, does not smudge, and removes easily with soap and water. Love it.














This lip liner is perfect. The nude shade goes with all my lipsticks, even the lightest ones, or can be worn all over the lip. The formula is very soft and smooth. Bonus—It’s also waterproof. I particularly like that this is very long wearing! After I use up this sample, will get this in full size.
















I’ve used this between shampooing, when my hair was starting to need an extra boost. It combatted oiliness and gave my hair lift. I found that it does work well as a dry shampoo with the added benefit of a bit of body.


















This is a natural fiber mask that utilizes charcoal, licorice and ‘Asian botanicals’ to soothe and revive dry skin and clogged pores. The charcoal cleans pores while the licorice tones. After applied to a clean, freshly washed face, for 15-20 minutes it helps to restore skin from everyday stresses. Nice for a quick facial fix. These masks are always great to have on hand.




November 2017 BIRCHBOX/Behind the Scenes

November’s box is themed for fun ways to kickoff the winter holiday season with new looks and quick touch ups.




















The samples I received for November are:












This Rosarco hair creme is meant to protect tresses against damage from blow drying and heat styling. Its super ingredients are organ, coconut oil and rosehip—all which help hair retain moisture. My hair is regularly foiled, and I use the hair dryer after shampooing, so this selection has helped my hair from over-drying.














I”ve tried other fragrances by CLEAN before and liked them for their simplicity. This version is floral, a blend of rose, jasmine and musk. Although florals are my favorite for perfumes, this one has definite musk notes. I do like it, but usually would opt for something a little more ‘white floral.’ However, the CLEAN scents are very nice, especially for everyday wear.













Not only does this tinted skincare balm smell nice but it contains a Bio-Peptide Complex that helps fight the effects of age on skin. I love that it also includes an SPF of 45 and light coverage. It blends out easily and is going to be my go-to, especially for the under eye area.




  • Marcelle Hydra-C Eye Contour Gel-Cream











The full size of this Marcelle gel has a flat, rounded metal tip that helps with cool the eye area during application. Wth the power of vitamin C and E and plant extracts like witch hazel, this gel targets dark circles and puffiness in the eye area. No one will know that you were out late celebrating the season again. Hydra-C can be used on bare, clean skin both a.m. and p.m. Its hypoallergenic and fragrance free, so it won’t contribute to skin stresses. Party on!


The wand for Stila’s HUGE Extreme Lash mascara tampers in the center and is a bit bigger on the end, contributing to its delivery of BIG lashes. This jet black mascara was designed to work in one coat to make lashes big all the way around, long and impart a curl. I found that it is best used with one (or maybe two) coats, after that some clumping can occur. I like that this can be applied quickly and still deliver in every way. Plus, its waterproof!










Birchbox also has a Holiday Shop that is launching November 2.

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the holiday season, getting in the spirit, and that you got some further inspiration from these sample beauty product reviews.

Cheers all!!!




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