PAT McGRATH LABS Mothership III Subversion palette!

PatMcGrath LABS has recently created three Mothership palettes that are SO LUXE and beyond beautiful!

Since these are on the higher price point end ($125.00 USD per palette), I chose to purchase just one (alas). And, it was a struggle deciding which of the three that would be!

I landed on the Mothership III Subversive Eye Palette for my selection (no brush included).





























The reason I finally selected this set of ten eyeshadows (of the three palettes) is because it contains the most purple hued shadows of the three as a well as a stunningly vivid warm green and a few varied neutrals (2 matte). A fabulous combo!





Each shade is very highly color saturated.

Only the dark brown and the true black shades are matte. All the others have their own complex finishes, including: iridescent, frosty, pearl, metallics and/or shifting shade glitter. This radical collection of dimensionally intense hues allow for endless stand-out eyes looks.


top row colors (left to right):

SKINSHOW FEVER—pearlized pale gold/beige

NIGHT CREATURE—magenta/violet with fuchsia pink sparkle shift

DEEPSHADE—matte toffee brown

GIGABYTE—intense moss, golden green with shimmer

VR PINK—warm metallic violet with gold pearl shift





bottom row colors (left to right):

ASTRAL GHOST ORCHID—diamond white pearl with faint cherry blossom pink flash

BLITZ AMETHYST—deep lilac purple or blue (depending on the light) pearl with the faintest of a multi-dimensional, frosty, grey undertone

BLACK METAL—a bit softer grey/black with an amazing blue tint in the right light, plus tiny particles of silver shimmer

LAZARUS—warm, toned-down, chocolate, brown frost with an ever so slight pink sheen

XTREME BLACK—absolute matte pure tar black (a staple in any palette)











VR Pink and Astral Ghost Orchid are beautiful on the tear duct, inner corner of eyes, or wherever you need an extra contrast. Each can also be layered on top of other colors to provide extra-dimensional color.

Xtreme Black and Deep Shade are perfect eye liner shades, to take your look as bold as you dare.

Ghost Orchid is the most multi-functional shade due to its sheer, iridescent finish, you’ll find endless applications for this.

Skinshow Fever works well as a highlighter under the brow bone or in the center of the lid.

Black Metal can also be used as a liner or a bold whole lid color.

Lazarus I like for a crease color, but will also make a darker lid.

Gigabyte is the ultimate for a provocative lid, especially when applied with your fingertip for FULL saturation.

Blitz Amethyst and Night Creature are gorgeous on the whole lid or next to the lash line, and will cause people to take a second look. I am loving the Night Creature shade because of its gorgeous pink/violet hue.

My photos don’t really do these colors justice, however here is a look with:

DEEP SHADE as an eyeliner color and lightly along the crease

VR PINK just above the crease

GIGABYTE on the lid

ASTRAL GHOST ORCHID on both the tear duct area and brow bone
















In these two photos I have:

VR PINK as the all-over lid color

BLACK METAL  top lash line eyeliner

XTEME BLACK lower lash line eyeliner

SKINSHOW FEVER on both the tear duct area and brow bone














GIGABYTE as the all-over lid color

NIGHT CREATURE on the outer lid corners

XTREME BLACK as eyeliner

ASTRAL GHOST ORCHID on the tear duct area

As with any eyeshadows with glittery flecks, these do have some fallout, and I (as usual) wear a lid primer just to be sure they stay in place (fave: UD Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Just to be sure, I also used DESLICK by UD as a light all over makeup setting spray once all my makeup was in place.

TIP: Adding these with a damp fingertip will provide the absolute best color saturation! I tired with a damp brush, but it just wasn’t the same.

















LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this palette!

In case you are not familiar with #PatMcGrath (which I was not before this palette), she is a fabulous runway makeup artist that has enjoyed being one of the most sought-after for contour shows, particularly in all the European fashion capitals. She is also a Global Beauty Creative Design Director for a number of cosmetic lines under the Proctor & Gamble umbrella, like Covergirl and Dolce & Gabbana.

Pat has created iconic faces for more than 60 ready-to-wear contour shows. Evidence of her GORGEOUS artistry can be seen in the visionary color choices of the three mothership palettes. They are must-haves!!!

I lust for the Mothership II Sublime palette next! Stay tuned.

p.s. you can buy the Mothership palettes for $125.00 USD each on either the Pat McGrath Labs site (or the full set of 3 for $300.) or the Sephora site.




Much LOVE!






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