FUN Brushes and Beauty Blenders for your Makeup Toolkit

Today I want to share with you some colorful beauty tools that I picked up, just for fun. I found these at Marshalls, Ross and Ulta on various shopping trips to those places. So, they are all pretty inexpensive and have specific uses they fulfill.



This assortment of beauty tools includes:

  • three different brushes
  • two beauty blenders
  • & soft cleansing mitts for eyes








  • The metallic multi-pastel unicorn horn shaped Pro Contour brush is by CALA, from their Enchanted Glam collection:











I got this one for $4.99. Its fun purple/yellow/pink/blue blend of bristles have a curved shape at the tip. This brush is meant to be used for cream or powder contour shades because the curvature of bristles fits well along the hollow of cheeks.

Even so, as the synthetic hairs of this brush are very fine and densely packed, I have successfully been using it to add powder to bake my under eye concealer and foundation. The tapered handle feels very nice in your hand and with the horn texture creates a slip-free surface.

  • bc (beauty concepts) produced the pastel green, blender Universal Diamond Sponge:










The diamond shape is perfect for a beauty blender, giving you so many different angles and sizes of surfaces with which to blend out foundation or concealer, or even use wet to apply powder with a dewy effect. This tool cost only $3.99.

You can use the smaller flat sides around the top of the diamond to blend product around the mouth, sides of nose and under eyes. The top area works well for blending and buffing-out larger areas. The side panels also work well on larger, narrower areas of the face like those close to the hair line. I love that this blender has a pointed tip for blending the tiny, delicate areas like close to the tear ducts of eyes, under eyes and on the sides of nostrils.

I prefer this shape best for blenders. Blending-out foundation and concealer edges with the diamond allows you to obtain an air-brushed smoothness.

  • duos makes the silver ‘scaled’ Mermaid Makeup Brush:









This (chubby) silver mermaid or fish brush is so much fun, I could not resist. It cost $4.99, and is soooo cute.

At roughly 4 inches in length, with compact, curved bristles this brush is perfect for foundation or face color application (even though I’ve seen these advertised as being for blush). The dense bristles hold product well and the wide tapered, Kabuki end is great for adding or blending color to the the larger planes of the face.

Even though the coloration of the soft bristles looks organic, I am pretty sure they are synthetic. I’ve seen these popular brushes in a wide variety of metallic colors.

  • The pale pink Silicone Makeup Blender is by the Creme Shop:











This ‘bendy’ soft silicone blender has a slick exterior, and is cool to the touch at first. It is latex-free and 100% vegan, and doesn’t absorb absolutely any product. I paid $2.99 for this single blender.

It seemed a little alien to me at first, but when I used it I was happy to find that it blended all the product (because it does not absorb any) and actually helps ‘press’ it into your face for a very smooth finish.

If you use it to apply any tinted liquid or cream product (cc cream, bb cream, foundation or concealer) it becomes slippery to the touch, gliding effortlessly across skin (no tugging). However, I still like to put concealer on directly with my fingertips first, in order to best control a light pressure.

  • Ulta’s bright pink Makeup Eraser mitts for eyes come with a breathable, white, zip-up netted travel pouch:


Big AMAZE! Miraculously, these hot pink mitts take off makeup with just water!

The ultra-fine and super-soft polyester fibers of these mitts are able to grab onto dirt and makeup so well that all they require is a little warm water to cleanse skin. I find that they do the trick for most makeup removal but some waterproof mascara and liquid eyeliners do require a little soap added. Still, a very effective tool!

The Makeup Eraser makes larger cloths of this same material for the face, but I discovered these tiny finger-tip mitts specifically for the eye area on clearance on the Ulta site for $10.00. And, they are machine washable for up to 1,000 uses.










  • colorful, fat handle, contour Kabuki brush:

I’ve had this brush the longest, and do not know exactly what I paid for it at the time. I think it must have cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $3.99.

Smooth, synthetic and very soft curved bristles lend themselves well to putting on powdered blush, contour and highlighter. And, if you have a palette that blends those three colors together in one pan, you could potentially brush them on in one swipe with this brush.

Funny enough, I think I remember that this was branded after Paris Hilton (lol). The pastel bristles and bright metallic handle are fun indeed!












Thanks for stopping by!!!

Wishing you a Gorgeous rest of the week!









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