KAT VON D Lock-it setting powder

Although I usually tend toward a lighter hand and more natural look with foundation, concealer and powder, I’ve found that my under eye area can use a little more perfecting. Hence, I picked up this Kat Von D setting powder primarily to solve end of day mascara smudges under my eyes, caused by oil build-up on my skin in that area, as well as under eye circles.
























For this task, I needed a translucent powder that would not accumulate in fine lines around my eyes or look chalky. I selected Kat Von D’s translucent setting powder because of its very finely milled consistency and its matte soft finish.

The fact that it is virtually weightless is another bonus!—I can barely feel it on my skin and the powder itself is invisible to the naked eye.











In the morning, after applying moisturizer (or serum), sunscreen, foundation and concealer, I use a small (or smallish) fluffy brush to apply this powder to set my makeup for the day and absorb any excess oil. It does come with its own small puff for application, but I think a larger eye brush works better.


Kat’s setting powder comes in two sizes: standard .67 oz & mini .19 oz.

I chose the mini size in order to try it out, and because it seemed like just the right amount if I was only going to use it for applying under my eyes.




  • .19oz/5.4g



  • color: translucent


  • weightless, matte finish


  • silky non-drying texture


















The small plastic powder jar has a screw on lid (so it stays closed) and an internal sifter tray with holes in the shape of Kat’s signature facial star tattoos.

This powder will also work great to bake your concealer for a more full-makeup, flawless evening look. Because if its airy, fine consistency it will not settle into creases or show fine lines as long as you blend-out your base makeup well, before applying it.

If your natural complexion color is not fair, and this powder will appear too light—you can always use a powder brush to add a face powder that matches your complexion hue over the top. This will also help blend-out any excess after baking.

Otherwise, in light applications, this translucent shade will work on most skin shades. And, if the color is a good match for you, it can simply be blended-out after baking.

I like to finalize any makeup with a spray setting spray, which works perfectly with this powder.

As usual, let me know if you already use this powder and what results you’ve had—I’d love to hear from you.

A larger container of setting powder is in my future, as this can be used anywhere on the face particularly if you also bake concealer or foundation on the bridge of your nose, lower center of forehead, chin and upper cheek bones.

I really like this powder! It delivers a flawless finish without build-up. Thank you Kat!!!

Have a Gorgeous day.















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