KJAER WEIS Lip Tint in Lover’s Choice

So, this product was definitely a splurge! I had noticed this line of cosmetics when it was sometimes mentioned in beauty magazines. And, I was immediately in love with the slick, sexy, silver packaging (not to mention the product color choices).

I found out that the admirable goal of Kjaer Weis’s founder Kirsten is to offer natural and organic makeup with luxury performance. Color payoff is a priority with this brand.

Placing a recent order from beautyhabit.com, I noticed that this site also carries Kjaer Weis Cosmetics and decided to add one of their lip tints to my order to put me past (way past) the minimum for free shipping.











Kjaer Weis Lip Tint

  • color—Lover’s Choice
  • 0.085fl oz/2.4 ml
  • brand site: http://www.kjaerweis.com, although I bought this from beautyhabit.com
  • Kjaer Weis, LLC based in New York and Copenhagen
  • NOT tested on animals
  • NO artificial ingredients
  • Gluten free
  • 12 month shelf life once opened
  • $49.00 USD for compact with tint/$29.00 USD for refill

I know! These are very expensive. That is true certainly for my budget. But, the initial purchase comes with the compact and then you can buy refills at just a bit more than half the rate of the compact with color.


This photo shows the size of the compact in my hand, for scale.

The top lid is hinged in the upper left corner, so you can easily slide it open wth one hand from your palm (the flat angled side of the palette facing into your palm).

The weight of this case is also nice—it is quite substantial for its petite size. Case designer Marc Atlan’s name is engraved on the bottom side, too. So, you know a lot of thought went into the creation of just the packaging.



The Lip Tint within is the real gem, however!

Quality ingredients include:

  • Beeswax —> locks in moisture
  • Jojoba seed oil—> rich in providing moisture
  • Rose Rubiginosa seed oil —> fights signs of aging
  • Gardenia Florida Fruit extract —> a source of antioxidants





Swatches on my arm, below, show how substantial the color is in just one swipe, as well as how it looks on my lips:












Lover’s Choice is one of the medium/dark lip shades offered, but it is still buildable. I applied it to my lips in a couple coats, but you can easily also go for an apache/flushed (“just kissed”) look by blending out a smaller amount this tint.

As you can see, it is also not shiny on my lips. It will easily create a natural look or even more dramatic color based on your objective.










On your lips, this lip tint is very easy to wear. It is not heavy, thick or tacky. And, it is definitely non-drying. It feels nice on, stays put very well, and is completely matte.

Even though this is not a product I can afford to purchase very often, there are a number of colors I would like to add to my collection (or maybe select one of next time for a refill):

  • Captivate—nude/brown with a soft iridescent  gold shimmer
  • Passionate—medium, cool berry for a flushed nude lip
  • Goddess—classic deep burgundy
  • Beloved—blackberry/purple burgundy

These are the others that appealed to me of the 12 shades of Lip Tint available. In all, they range from hues of orange, purple, red, pink to nude.

I apply this with my fingertips in order to make sure I don’t waste any of it, but you could also use a small lip brush.

Let me know if you’ve been using Kjaer Weis products, and if so which ones are your favorites. I’m glad I happened upon this line!

I hope you are enjoying a gorgeous autumn! It’s the right time to change your lip color to darker, moodier shades if you haven’t already done so.

Here’s my full order, in case you were curious, with a gift of samples. (I’ll be blogging the others shortly.)











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  1. Oleta
    Oleta says:

    Jennifer, you are a beautiful young lady! And a good communicator, I might add. In this family, we all seem to have some talent for writing. I was delighted to see this, as an example of what you do, and how good you are at it! I would love to hear from you.

    • GiveMeGorgeous
      GiveMeGorgeous says:

      Hey – thank you Aunt Lea!!! So happy you stopped by my blog. If you follow, you’ll always get notification of my new posts. Hope you are having a nice spring! Love, Jen


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