COVERGIRL Ready, Set, GORGEOUS! oil-free foundations

After reading a few excellent reviews on this foundation, I decided to pick up a couple shades of Ready, Set, Gorgeous!













I thought these would at least be perfect small plastic squeeze tubes (with screw on lids) to toss in my purse for any needed touch ups, or for short road trips. They are tres portable, with no worries of them breaking or coming open in your purse or tote. And, I’m always looking for great oil-free products.

The two shades I selected are some of the lightest ones available. I got these at Walmart:

  • #105 classic ivory/ivoire classique
  • #115 buff beige/beige chamois

Some arm swatches of my shades:


Covergirl’s site shows that they make Ready, Set Gorgeous in 12 colors. The three darkest colors choices are: tawny, classic tan, soft sable and golden tan. The rest of the colors are medium to light shades.

You can find these a number of places, in limited selection.  Walmart, for example, only currently sells 9 colors of this foundation, at $6.74 each. Walgreens is another store that sells this foundation, at $5.09 each, but they may be phasing it out because it looks like they only have 6 colors to choose from currently. Ulta also has them, at $6.99 each. And, CVS seems to have stopped carrying this totally, although they do still offer Ready Set Gorgeous powder and concealer.








I have seen a large number of online comments from ladies saying, “please, Covergirl, do not stop carrying this foundation.” So, I know it’s a favorite.












Here I am wearing the #105 classic ivory shade:

Both of the hues I decided to get seem to work with my complexion, even though the #115 is a bit darker and warmer than #105.

I like these because they are oil-free, last all day, and don’t clog pores. So if you have sensitive skin or acne-prone skin this may be a good choice for you.

The liquid consistency of this foundation blends easily for light to medium coverage. I have not had problems with streakiness, at all.

Covergirl says that it “pulls sweat and oil away from your face.” And, I have not been able to see any surface oil while wearing it (even if I skip the setting spray or primer), which is great!












Let me know if you already use this foundation and love it, or have only tried it and hated it.

I am rather pleased that I have had good experience with it so far!












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