THE BALM Even Steven whipped foundation

I picked up this small container of Even Steven whipped foundation by The Balm, at Kohls  a couple weeks ago:























Lighter Than Light is the shade that I chose, as the swatch appeared closest to my skin color. It is the lightest shade of the 8 hues offered of Even Steven. And, even though I worried that it might not even be light enough for my skin, it turned out to be just right for my complexion.

I think Even Steven does run the tiniest bit darker on the skin than it appears on the online color swatch, so it may be best to order the next shade up from your true skin color. I have heard that the best way to choose a foundation color is to match it to your chest color and not your face color, which should at least better ensure you select the right shade with these.











You may be thinking, how can this tiny container of foundation last if I use it as a full face color. I’ve found that it does! Even Steven (very cute that the packaging says ‘He’s Whipped,’ btw) is ultra-pigmented with a soufflé-like consistency. This densely pigmented, lightweight texture allows it to blend sooo smoothly (a tiny amount can be blended out easily over a larger area than expected).












I originally intended to use this product as a concealer (I thought that made sense based on its size) but have discovered that it actually does work very well as a foundation. I only need a few strategically placed dots (and I do mean the merest amount, like from the tip of a cotton swab) on my face to be able to blend them out in large sections. For me, one small dot under each eye, a couple on the forehead, one on the chin and one on the nose does it.

Placing each dab on my face and then blending it out with a foundation brush, before moving to the next area, has resulted in the best application. Once applied the foundation dries enough to set in place on skin (and I have not found that it ever creases or looks caky). Applying and blending will work equally well with a wet beauty blender or finger tip.

Blending from dot to dot of foundation is better than putting all the product you will need on your face first and then blending out, because it ensures smooth flow and does not allow any drying time between when you put the product on your face and when it is blended. Coverage is amazingly medium to full, depending on the amount you use. It easily covers a couple small scars I have on my face, and I have seen reviews that say it also effectively covers rosacea.

Plus, this small jar will last! as it a very little goes a long way. Truly!

*a photo of Even Steven in my palm, for scale:


Even Steven, whipped foundation:

  • 13.4ml/0.45 oz
  • comes in 8 shades
  • paraben free
  • cruelty free
  • noncomeodogenic
  • fine for all skin types
  • $22.00 USD

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried or regularly use this product, and what you thought of it. Feel free to send me your comments.

Go Gorgeous!!!





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