MAC Girls personality palette BASIC BITCH

When I saw MAC‘s introduction of their Girls palettes, of course the color combination that I LOVED was BASIC BITCH!!

MAC has a fabulous combination of colors with this set of 8 eyeshadows/1 highlighter. Just another reason that they continue to reign as an industry standard for bold/high quality cosmetics.

One of six Personality Palettes in the MAC Girls edition, BASIC BITCH has the most smoky grey shades, and a good range of light and dark hues.















The palette features one highlighter shade, the largest pan in the palette on the far right, in Love This Bitchan opalescent pale, cool pink with faint pearl. The rest of the colors are eyeshadows.

The highlighter color goes on VERY lightly, imparting a brightening aura to skin. It gives my face a healthy glow, luckily sans sparkle.

I apply the highlighter to the top of my forehead, top of my cheeks and brush it down the center of my nose. Plus, this shade is great as a middle and inner corner eyelid color (for a minimal makeup look) and applied in a quick swipe from a fluffy brush to the lower chin. It can be used on all the high points of your face for a candlelight glow. I use a larger face brush for all the main areas of the face mentioned above and a fat/fluffy eye brush to lightly apply the highlighter to the top of the nose, eyelid areas and cupid’s bow (just above the top lip). If you get too much in one spot, it blends out easily with gentle fingertips.

These eight perfectly balanced cool, smoky grey eyeshadow shades are complex and offer a good range of finishes. The shades (from left to right):

SLY GIRL—foil: grey/purple with silver pearl

TATTLE-TALE—foil: cool, pale grey with silver sparkles

ME ME ME—smooth pearl, very finely milled, silky palest grey

HELL IN HEELS—smooth pearl, very smooth texture, almost matte purple/burgundy



MS. PERSONALITY—satin shine, olive/grey with a touch of gold pearl

BIG WHITE LIE—smooth pearl, black/beige with subtle pearl

TEXT ME LATER—satin shine, black/grey with a hint of shine

GAMEPLAYER—creamy matte, true black















Here are some color swatches on my arm for a better look (pictured). All of these colors are absolutely beautiful!

*Following are a few tips I discovered about the wear of these eye shades:

GAME PLAYER is a true matte deep black. A little goes a long way. A staple color, great as an eyeliner.

The TEXT ME LATER color goes on fairly dark—I tried it as a contour color at first but it is better as an outside corner of the lid color (outer edge to the crease) because it looks darker on than it does in the pan.

BIG WHITE LIE combines several closely related hues so it morphs a bit in different lights, but can be blended out pretty well—so no need to worry about applying it too heavily initially.

MS. PERSONALITY I’ve found that this is the best of these shades to use as a lid contour color—it’s not too dark and is true to the pan once applied.

HELL IN HEELS I also like using as an eyeliner color. I’ve been drawn to red/orange/burgundy colors for eyes recently. Particularly, this one will help emphasize green or hazel colored eyes.

TATTLE TALE is definitely the most sparkly. It’s also fairly sheer in color, so it works great to top off your day eyeshadow to make a transition to an evening look.

ME ME ME is such a nice eye highlight color. Use this one sparingly on the brow bone, under eyebrows, and on the inner eye lid/tear duct area to brighten eyes.

SLY GIRL has a bit of sparkle, but in finer particles. You could get away with using a small amount of this color even for day to line the upper lid. Go all out with it in the evening!

A couple looks of my own:

As usual, I pair these with an eyelid primer (particularly important for the eyeshadows with sparkle). And, it may be overkill, I use a makeup setting spray all over to finish when I need to be particularly sure the look stays in place.

In this photo I am wearing the highlight color strategically on my face and as a main lid color. Plus, I’m wearing two of the eyeshadows—I have Sly Girl on the outer lid corners and as a top lid eyeliner. I’ve used Tattle-Tale over the first eye color to the middle of the lid. Then the highlight shade again, just under brows and at the inner eyelid and tear duct. (here with Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid lipstick in Corrupt Cranberry)




This look is pretty minimal. I used Gameplayer as an eyeliner, Ms. Personality as a contour color and the highlighter over the rest of the eyelid. (here with MAC Creme in Your Coffee lipstick.






For evening, I have done Sly Girl as an all-over lid color and Gameplayer as an eyeliner. This combo will have you ready to take on the night. (This suggested eve combo would be paired well with one of these MAC lipstick colors: D is for Danger, Full Body, or Deep Attraction.)

MAC is pretty edgy, as usual, to name a palette BASIC BITCH!

And, btw, I think it is pretty funny that there is some concern out there that the name may be too much for some people. I’ve noticed it put in check a bit with some vendors. Case in point, in the circular I received from Ulta this week (they do sell MAC now—yay!) they advertise the covers of three of these palettes (POWER HUNGRY, MISCHIEF MINX and PRISSY PRINCESS) but only show an open palette for BASIC BITCH (with the description DARK & SMOKEY). Just sayin’

And, another btw, I’ve noticed that MAC is ‘temporarily’ out of a few of the Girls Palettes, BASIC BITCH being one of them. It looks like you can ask to be notified on the MAC site to know when they restock (so they may be trying to make more).

Otherwise, it does appear that Nordstrom still has an inventory of this palette, as well as Bloomingdales, and Saks.









Other Personality Palettes that were introduced with this line:

  • FASHION FANATIC—warm/pink shades
  • MISCHIEF MINX—bronze shades
  • POWER HUNGRY–warm neutrals
  • PRISSY PRINCESS—cool neutrals/pinks
  • ROCKIN’ REBEL—blues/greens

Have a Gorgeous! rest of your week, and thank you for visiting! Please feel free to leave me a comment with your thoughts on MAC’s ‘personality’ palettes.

Cheers and xo,



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