FIONA STILES & MAYBELLINE lip pencils in roses

Love all 5 of these very vivid (all rose colored) lip pencils—2 by Fiona Stiles, and 3 by Maybelline.













First, the Fiona Stiles pencils! They are moisturizing, lightweight, long wearing and very full color.

You can find these on the FionaStilesBeauty website (Sephora also used to carry these colors—they currently only have limited colors. But, the shades they do have are currently on sale!).



Of these Fiona Stiles Color Impact Lip Crayons, I chose one matte color and one satin color. Both are in deep, cool roses:









The shade Heliotrope is matte, and more of a truer red/burgundy (first set of photos, below).

The Bonnie Brae color is satin, and is a deep plum-hued burgundy (second set of photos, below).













And, a few months ago I purchased 3 different Maybelline Color Blur Pencils in the colors: #30 Partner in Crimson, #85 Plum Please, and #15 Berry Misbehaved (all pictured in the following swatches):



























The Berry Misbehaved is definitely the brightest color in this group – more of a shocking fuchsia pink (more so than even the swatch conveys).


Color Blur pencils are now fairly hard to find. I got mine at Ulta, however I don’t think they carry them anymore. Walgreens still has these at $5.59 USD each, but they mainly have just the bright pink and orange shades left.

I particularly like this product because it is very highly pigmented, has incredible staying power and is novel in that one end of the pencil is color and one end is more of a dense lip balm that helps you blend the color out onto your lips.

My technique is to line my lips with the color side of the pencil, then apply the balm from the other side in the center area of my lips, blending into the edges of the color to even it out and smooth the area where the two come together to create a kindof ombre effect. If you prefer more color, you can also then apply the color on top of where the balm was placed to get full impact.




















Here I have on the Berry Misbehaving.










Even those these specific pencils may not be as easy to find as they once were, I wanted to share my experience with them in favor of lip pencils as an easy way to get high impact lip color without a lot of fuss.

I hope everyone is having a gorgeous week!!!!
















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