TARTE Grav3yardgirl Swamp Queen eye and face palette

Hello Gorgeous! Two orders of about SIX tarte palettes just came in the mail! So, don’t be surprised if you see at least a few more tarte blogs in the next few weeks. Today’s post features Tarte’s #Grav3yardgirl Swam Queen eye and face palette.

This one is the  limited-edition Swamp Queen palette, that was co-created with Texas (the land of my birth) YouTube vlogger Bunny Meyer (aka Graveyard Girl).













For those of you who know about and watch Bunny on YouTube, the color names in the palette will TOTALLY make sense. If not, you may want to check her out to fully understand.

I must say that the color selections, for this group of shades, are wonderful. They work well in tandem (feel free to mix and blend), give you so many combination possibilities, and are packaged conveniently together. I plan to pack this palette on an upcoming road trip this summer. It is really very versatile.

But first, in honor of #Grav3yardgirl, I am adding a picture of a particularly ‘graveyard’ looking (and beautiful) iron gate that I took while in Austria. Enjoy:












Following, is a full list of the limited-edition colors and a photo that I’ve written the names on each color (for easy reference).

face hues:

  • sweet tea = bronzer
  • does this thing really work? = blush
  • gator wings = highlighter


  • #SFS–light, warm gold with rose micro-flecks
  • big baby–matte cream with a hint of rose tone
  • haunting–lavender with silver micro-sparkles
  • natural peaches–matte peachy beige
  • sassy bun–medium copper
  • uncommon–lilac grey with micro-sparkles
  • dogman–copper sienna
  • sippy sippy–medium/dark cool brown with sparkles
  • mancat–matte dark cool plum












The palette also features a full in-lid mirror, a cute mini brush with wooden handle, and a magnetic closure. If you toss it in your tote bag, you may want to also put a rubber band around it to make sure it stays closed and that none of the colors get damaged.

I’ve found favorite uses for a lot of the eye colors. I like big baby for an inner lid color or highlight under the brow bone; both sippy sippy (think SBUX) and man cat for eyeliners; dogman for a liner/lid combo BOLD look; and sassy bun or uncommon for crease colors. However, I think the three columns of eye  colors on the right can work in any combo of first column lid colors, second column crease colors and third column eyeliners and outer lid colors.

Here are a few ideas (sorry the pencil is a bit hard to read):










For the face colors, here are a few tips:

  • The bronzer sweet tea is a tad on the orangey side, so it may be too warm for some complexions. However, it can be blended out easily to get exactly the right amount of matte contour or sun-kissed face color.
  • The blush does this thing really work?, a warm mid-tone pink, is nice even for fairer skin. It can also be blended-out for barely there color, or not for a deeper rose, to obtain just the right flush.
  • The highlighter gator wings is very glittery. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, use it sparingly. Another use for this shade is as a lid color (although try not to get any of the pieces of glitter in your eyes).



















Go gorgeous!













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