MAYBELLINE Dream Cushion Foundations

You’ve probably seen the mousse or cushion foundations available lately from brands like Maybelline, Loreal and Lancome – to name a few. I decided to give 2 of the Maybelline options a try!

























I chose the Dream Cushion Fresh Face On-The-Go Liquid Foundation and the Dream Matte Mousse Foundation—both by Maybelline. This type of foundation is particularly appealing during the summertime because of its lightweight consistency, budget friendly price, and fabulous portability. Although!, be aware that neither include a sunscreen, so make sure you are using one separately with either of these.

The Dream Matte Mousse Foundation is the smaller of the two here. It comes in 12 colors, from dark to light and cool to warm! In the US it is sold at a number of stores, including CVS, Target, Ulta, Walmart and Walgreens. It ranges in price from $7.99-$9.99 among the various retailers. I bought mine via Target online at $7.99.










Having skin with a tendency to be oily, I like that this foundation is ‘ultra-mattifying’ and stays that way all day. It is also very lightweight. The mousse consistency glides onto skin easily, blends out as much as you like and feels lighter than air on my face. I chose the color #20 in Classic Ivory.

I do find that the Dream Matte foundation has a slight tendency to be a bit cake-y after a few hours of wear. To keep skin dewy, prep skin first with a well-absorbing moisturizer. Although, if you have dryer skin, this one may not be best for you.

My experience is that it seems to start to wear off after a half day, so definitely use it with a primer or a powder after application. Even so, I still think this mousse foundation is a great option for summer when skin is more likely to be sun kissed, and I prefer a lighter coverage foundation anyway.


This product does not come with an applicator, but I find that either one of these is better applied with my fingertips. The container has a thick glass base that makes it a little heavier than you would image from its small size.






Dream Matte Foundation is:

  • .64oz or 18g in size
  • dermatologist tested
  • allergy tested
  • non-comedogenic
  • suitable for all skin types (even sensitive skin)
  • lightweight

Dream Cushion Liquid Foundation On-The-Go has even more of a whipped consistency and its plastic container comes with the benefit of an internal tray with a cushion applicator. I appreciate the clever design of this packaging, with an attached inner tray that lifts up to keep the cushion pad from resting directly on the foundation and absorbing excess product.

Dream Cushion foundation is offered in 8 shades. I decided on one of the two lightest shades, #15 Ivory, which is warmer in hue than the Classic Ivory of the Dream Matte foundation–although both are similar in tone.

Maybelline recommends applying this with the applicator, by gently pressing it into the foundation and then tapping the color onto your skin, followed by blending with your fingers. However, I usually  just use my fingertips so as not to waste any of the product and have better control of the pressure.




The Dream Cushion foundation does not benefit from the matte affects of the Dream Matte foundation, and has less staying power. Its coverage is sheer to medium with luminous effect.

This one is definitely better for those with dry skin, and it does not settle into lines.






Dream Cushion Foundation is:

  • suitable for all skin types
  • .51oz or 14.6g in size
  • lightweight











You can find Dream Cushion at the same retailers that carry other Maybelline products. The price for this formula ranges from $8.59 to $15.99 in the US. If you get this one, you will want to first price compare because it is sold for a such a wide range of rates.

Either of these is a great option! btw – They have should be tossed after 6 months, once you’ve started using them, to avoid any bacteria buildup.

For that ‘no-makeup feel’ during the summer or on a tropical beach vacation, especially, I would certainly recommend these.


Have a gorgeous week!!!

















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