#GLAMGLOW Hollywood Glowstarter in Nude Glow

If your complexion needs some brightening and glow (and whose doesn’t!?) – this IS the product. Love. Love. Love it!










Glowstarter caught my eye in a magazine article I read recently, about a beauty editor’s favorite products. After which, I quickly ordered it from Sephora.

At $49.00 USD it is a bit pricey, but each application does not require a huge amount of product – so this jar should last for a little while at least. Glowstarter is offered in three hues: Nude Glow (a fair nude, which I chose), Pearl Glow (the lightest – a whitish pearl) and Sun Glow (the darkest – a deep nude, warm shade).

And, I have to agree with the overwhelming number of positive reviews I’ve read – GLOWSTARTER has given my complexion the pick-me-up it needed.

Created by GLAMGLOW Hollywood, California, GLOWSTARTER is a super-moisturizing, illuminating face cream. It’s meant to super-boost moisture to overworked, tired or stressed skin by way of vitamins and botanicals (like algae and green tea extracts, plus jojoba seed oil) AS WELL AS brighten skin.



GLOWSTARTER’s innumerable iridescent illuminating micro-particles give it a sheer tint of pearlized color for instantly brighter, glowing skin. It also works to hide any imperfections in skin tone, and even out skin texture issues.

I selected the Nude Glow option from the hues available, because it most closely matched my skin color. This moisturizer blends out almost completely, and does not leave obvious color. Rather, as it is named, it brightens and luminizes skin as an undetectable layer.







GLOWSTARTER can be applied all over your face, as well as to neck and decolletage. Because it brightens so effectively, it can be worn alone to help skin look its best, or as an added layer of moisture under foundation (similarly to a primer).

In the morning, after washing my face with warm water, I usually put a few small, strategically placed dollops on my face (on the sides of my forehead, cheeks just under the eye area, and chin) before blending them out entirely. You get a feel for the right amount after one use.









After this base, I layer it with a facial sunscreen (Glowstarter unfortunately does not include an SPF) – I’m currently using Andalou Naturals Ultra Sheer Daily Defense with SPF 18. Following that, I add either a foundation (currently using Maybelline Be Fit or Clinique BIY foundation drops) for more coverage. And finally, for staying power, I smooth Japonesque Velvet Touch Primer on to keep everything in place.

Sounds like a lot of layers, but it covers all the bases: moisturizes, illuminates, protects from UVA/UVB sun exposure and adds color. And, remember, if you have an oilier complexion like I do – keeping skin moisturized will actually help it to produce less oil by soothing the surface.

I can’t use enough superlatives about GLOWSTARTER! It works to perfect skin in several glorious ways. Plus, it contains NO paragons, phthalates or sulfates.

As usual, please let me know if you already use this product with good, or bad results. One of the only negative comments I’ve seen posted online about Glowstarter is that it can irritate sensitive skin, although I have not had that happen since I’ve been using it every day for a couple weeks now.









Have gorgeous day!!

xoxo, Jen



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    • GiveMeGorgeous
      GiveMeGorgeous says:

      Hi! Thanks for visiting GiveMeGorgeous!
      Yes, Glowstarter is a bit of a splurge even for me, but does really give skin a glowy boost. Nice, as we head into spring. Have a great week.


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