UNICORN MAKEUP BRUSHES with fun pastel bristles

Okay!, so after first seeing Unicorn Makeup Brushes hit the market I HAD to get some. A bit silly, but I couldn’t resist!










If you search for these online, there are tons of different kinds of sets. Most with spiraled horn-shaped handles of iridescent white or foiled multi colors. The available sets also vary in the color of synthetic bristles – some are a shiny white, some are two-toned, and some are multi-colored (like the ones I chose). And, like everything else on online, you can find a wide array of price ranges.

Perhaps you’ve seen the set elsewhere that includes a shiny plastic diamond-shaped brush case. I chose this simpler group of brushes because it was relatively inexpensive and had silver ferrules (you can alternatively get these with gold), however they did not come with anything fancy like a case.









This set of brushes also did not come with instructions on the intended purpose for each. So, based on their bristle length and shapes I have determined which product I think they work best for and have assigned and labeled them below:



Although, I want to point out, that I think you can always be creative and don’t need to stick to the uses that anyone else defines. For example, the smallest brush also works great to apply eyelid eyeshadow.

No unicorns were hurt in the making of these brushes, in case you were worried. The extremely soft bristles of these brushes are vegan and made of a synthetic nylon fiber.

May your week sparkle!





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