CLEAN CLEAR Morning Burst facial scrub – Hello Morning!

The tangy citrus scent of this Clean & Clear facial scrub helps wake me up in the morning!












The two tubes pictured above are the same product, just different sizes. I purchased the smaller/travel size (1oz/28g) first, for my husband, to help exfoliate dry facial skin. But, I tried it one morning in the shower and found that not only is it a great exfoliator but it smells so brightly citrus! Very nice to use first thing in the a.m.

dscn0561So, after I started to use it more often (a couple times a week), I also purchased the larger size (5oz/141g) so we could both use it and he wouldn’t run out.

Although it is marked as a cleanser as well as an exfoliator, it does not foam and is best used for the primary purpose of exfoliation. And, it should be gently rubbed into the skin to avoid irritating skin and causing red patches. It does however, get down into pores to ensure they are squeaky clean.

I use it a couple times a week to quickly exfoliate the dry patches on my face, before morning moisturizer. Freshly exfoliated skin absorbs moisture more readily, which also helps reduce dryness. And, don’t limit use of this product just to your face. It also can be used anywhere you have dry spots like: legs, arms or feet.

This product comes out of the tube clear, barely orange-colored, with “micro-beads” that help with exfoliation.

Vitamin C and ginseng soothe skin while bursting beads exfoliate. This product is oil-free – so okay to use on acne-prone skin. Although, if you are battling acne you will definitely want to be gentle exfoliating so you don’t irritate skin into creating more oil of its own.dscn0559dscn0566








The packaging notes that it does not contain plastic (some other unscrupulous products may use plastic beads). This is made by Johnson & Johnson – known for their gentle products.

Guys and gals can use this to take care of dry skin areas of the face and gently exfoliate.

If you’ve used this, let me know if you liked it and if you had positive results.

Give me gorgeous!




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  1. Jane
    Jane says:

    Hi Jen, I’ve been using this product in the shower for all-over exfoliation, as well as on my face, for several months, and I love it! It’s surprisingly affordable as well.


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