NOT YOUR MOTHERS Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray for hair

Not Your Mother’s brand is new to me, for hair styling and hair care products. I became intrigued after recently seeing an article on about products on the desk of tv show character Rory, from Gilmore Girls—one of which was the Beach Babe texturizing sea salt spray. So, the very next time I was at Target, I bought a couple of products offered by this very affordable drugstore brand to try.


I easily found the Beach Babe spray (at Target
for only $4.79 – however its $7.00 on the Not Your Mother’s                                                                     site!).

And, I also found a Plump for Joy
thickening hair lifter
spray for fine, thin hair                                                                          – that I purchased as well, at $4.84 (also $7.00 on                                                                                  the brand’s site).

Each are 8 fl oz (or net 236 ml)













These bottles each have a colorful tabbed open and close valve just under the nozzle that you rotate to an arrow that notes ‘open,’ in order to be able to spray the product, or rotate back around to close. Either spray can be used on dry or wet hair.



The Beach Babe product comes out in a fine mist, so it can easily be sprayed directly to hair from the bottle.

The Plump for Joy spray comes out in a stream that is best sprayed into your palm. Then, rub your hands together before scrunching into hair from roots to ends.

Here I am using them (I only use one at a time btw):













The Beach Babe spray is my favorite of these two. It has Dead Sea salt & sea kelp that creates a texture that gives body and separates strands. Aloe is also in the mix, and it assists in protecting against dryness, sun damage and crispy tresses. My hair actually feels softer than normal when I use this spray. All of its nourishing ingredients prevent the spray from making hair look or feel rough, even with the added texture.

Plump for Joy is thicker in texture when it comes out of the sprayer, which is why the brand recommends spraying it into your hand to disperse through hair. It adds volume and strengthens hair, as well as makes hair shinier. It can help give a wavy look to hair if applied to wet hair that is then allowed to air dry. My hair turns out pretty straight regardless, but this does help with body.



Overall, I am really liking this brand. And, I noticed that they also have Naturals line, online, that I will have to try soon.

I would love to hear if you regularly use any Not Your Mother’s products with good results.

Have a great week!








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