Makeup Palette Organization IDEA

I love to get new makeup palettes! However, simply stuffing them in a drawer makes finding the specific collection I am looking for difficult to find, and the palettes hard to sort through.

Needing a new way to store palettes, I recently purchased a couple desk letter organizers to use to house some of my multiple contour, eyeshadow, blush and concealer palettes:




I found a couple attractive, sturdy desk organizers to use for this purpose. They are made of thick cardboard, and each easily holds several substantial palettes and a number of smaller ones. The slots are different sizes, which is perfect for the array of sizes of my makeup palettes.

IMG_5338IMG_5343 (1)












Although I used thick paper containers, you could also use separate mesh or metal envelope/letter holders to store just a few palettes or to manage smaller spaces. If you need a better way to store palettes, in order to have them handy on the counter or have run out of drawer space, this may be a good option.

Here are a couple pictures of my makeup counter (please excuse the mess, in the midst of re-organization).






I got these at Ross and Marshalls for very affordable prices, and a decent selection. You can probably also find similar slotted caddies at office supply stores.




Have a gorgeous rest of the week!





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