THE ESTEE EDIT The Edgiest Kohl shadowsticks

the Estee edit is a Sephora exclusive! Estee Lauder has created this line of products that are inspired by guest beauty editors, to create beauty with an edge.

Guest editors Kendall Jenner and Irene Kim came together to create the current offerings with Estee Lauder’s quote, “Beauty is an Attitude,” in mind.












One of the products in this line is The Edgiest Kohl Shadowstick, labeled ‘stick multi-regard’. I chose to get two of the 10 color choices: Jaded (gold olive green) and Violet Taboo (purple).

Other fabulous color choices are: Black Viper, Royal Blue, Twisted (teal), Grounded (warm brown), Spiced (garnet), Frost Bite (green shift/gold/grey), Guilt (pearl) and Iced (white). All of these, except the black and blue have a lovely pearlized quality (that you may not be able to truly see in this swatch).


Meant to last for up to 24 hours, one application can last a full day and be ‘life proof’ – staying true through workout, commute, career, dinner out and drinks with friends. And, they truly live up to that promise, whatever the day may bring.

My experience is that these stick shadows stay put until washed off, and may need a little makeup remover to erase all traces of the product. They don’t bleed due to sweat or if skin gets a bit oily.

I’ve been wearing them like thick eyeliner at the lash line, but they can also be smudged across the eyelid, drawn across the waterline, or layered to create a unique look.












  • 0.049 oz/1.4g each
  • all colors, except the Violet Taboo are ok to also use on the waterline
  • the lid of the shadowstick case has a built in sharpener to keep a point on the product, for easy application
  • fragrance-free

IMG_4201 (1)IMG_4207 (1)










et me know if you have a shadowstick or any of the other fun Estee Edit cosmetics – and if you are loving using them as much as I am!

Give Me Gorgeous!!!














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