BUXOM Customizable Eyeshadow Palette

This Buxom Customizable Eyeshadow Palette was too tempting to resist, as you get the chance to select 6 single trays of color from 40 shades. And, these eyeshadows are highly pigmented, have a built-in primer, and a wide range of colors. Plus, its always great to get the added samples with Sephora orders (even some extras with my VIB Sephora status). I also found a promo code for a free Clinique foundation stick for an added bonus!

















Before I get to the palette – the samples I received are the Clinique Chubby Foundation in Nude, an Estee Edit Flash Photo Gloss in 01 white flash (a cool blue tinted white gel for teeth – to make them appear ‘selfie white’ for photos) by Estee Lauder, a small packet of Origins Checks and Balances frothy face wash, and some Marc Jacobs foundation samples!

The empty Buxom Palette came separately, and I chose 6 eyeshadows to fit the re-moveable tray that slides out from the right side of the palette. Each eyeshadow snaps in to the tray, and each color can be easily replaced or rearranged.











The six Buxom Eyeshadow Bar Single Eyeshadows (each 1.4g/0.05oz) are (from left to right as they appear in my palette):

  • SATIN SEDUCTION (lightest shade in my palette) – pale beige frost
  • JETSETTER – matte medium greige
  • SPOILED SEXY – warm matte terra cotta (online described as matte mauve, but I think it is too warm to be mauve)
  • HOT OR YACHT (darkest shade in my palette) – dark medium matte ash
  • ROOM SERVICE – iridescent mint
  • WILD NIGHTS – shimmering orchid






















Being able to arrange the colors in any order you like, so it makes the best sense to you, is nice. I arranged mine randomly, so the colors were balanced.


















I am loving this palette so far. And, I start with my UD primer for absolutely no fallout.

It seemed like the color Hot or Yacht would actually be a bit darker that it really is, but it still makes a nice eyeliner shade. I use the Satin Seduction for an under brow or middle of lid highlighter, Jetsetter and Spoiled Sexy for the crease or outer lid corner, and Room Service or Wild Nights for the majority of the lid. However, it’s fun to mix and match with this selection.

DSCN2976This is a good buy because the eyeshadows came with the purchase of the palette ($40. USD). Otherwise, the palette is listed at $13.00USD and each eyeshadow tray $12.00USD, so it turns out to be an $85.00USD value on both the Sephora and Ulta sites. When I selected the palette and the shadows, it initially showed each with a price but once in check-out mode it takes off the separate amounts for each eyeshadow. With tax this was a total of $43.80 for me.

Let me know if you have purchased this palette—and what colors you selected. Now, I’d like to get a second one!

I’ll try to hold off for a bit, but these are the next set of colors I would choose: NO FAUX—iridescent dark olive green, CHAMPAGNE BUZZ—shimmering pearl, LINGERIE LOVER—matte mauve, DIAMOND DARLING—sparkling white, VIP—shimmering lilac, and LBD—matte black.

Go gorgeous! xo,




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