A couple COSMETICS BRUSH SETS and bags

Having the right cosmetics brush for each specific area of application and product can make all the difference for the results. I wanted to show you a couple of inexpensive makeup brush sets I have, and note which brush to use for each type of makeup/area of the face. Using the correct brush allows you to better blend-out makeup and not use too much product in the initial application.

I have a had the purple set in this group for the longest. Oddly enough, though, it is also the only set that contains all one natural fiber brushes (the liquid foundation brush), which is always preferable. I got this one a few years ago on Amazon for around $10.00, just so I would have a good assortment. Even though these are likely to not last as long as natural fiber or apply as well, I just wanted to play with a wide assortment.
















Although very affordable and passable for the task, these are definitely not the best quality, however, I have not found any shed bristles and their fibers are very soft, even though synthetic. This purple 18-piece Acevivi set is a good starter set of beauty tools. Here I’ve noted the use or type for each:














Version 2






The next set comes with a wearable belted brush holder, which is nice if you are using these to give a makeover or do a friend’s makeup. I purchased these Morphe brand brushes on the HauteLook/Nordstromrack.com site for $35.00, although I have seen them on sale on this site for just $15.00. At either price, they seem to be a bargain as they are listed at $59.00 on sale on the Morphe Brushes site.

Version 2
















Also an 18-piece set, the lime green tipped hairs on these are all synthetic, and very soft. Although no makeup tools are included (like a sponge eyeshadow applicator and eyebrow/lash tool), I like this set better primarily because the brushes are slightly softer and the belt is handy.

If you would like to get just a brush belt to use with your own brushes (without the brushes included), those are sold separately on the Morphe Brushes site too, and pretty inexpensively when on sale.

























Finally, is a small travel set on bought on sale on the Nordstrom.com site for $20.00. I couldn’t resist getting these because they come with a cute carrying case that is easily packable to take on trips (zipped closed it is roughly 4.75″ x 8.5″). And, these seem to be all synthetic as well.











This 6-piece floral Bella J. brush set came with a small gold heart charm enclosed!

Supposedly, you are able to go to bellaj.com to determine the significance of the charm although I have not done so.

























A Nordstrom Exclusive – I found this set on sale just after Christmas.


Following, also, are a few pictures of types of brushes from the different sets together, so that you can see how they compare in size and shape across the lines:







































I do have tons of individual brushes that I have bought over the years that are for specific purposes, preferably in natural hairs, but these sets allow me to try some that I don’t have use for very often. For splurges, I like the MAC brushes best!

These are my precious MAC brushes – I would love to get a ton more MAC brushes!!!









The one brush I don’t currently have that I would like to try is one of the larger oval blending brushes.  Let me know if you have one of these, what the brand is, and if you like it/feel it’s a good addition to your brushes.

*And, just for the fun of it, I also wanted to include some pix of a couple small cosmetics bags that I got recently:































and, one last bag, front and reverse sides –














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