KAT VON D – 3 Studded Kiss lipsticks

Kat Von D makes some of the boldest, most pigmented lipsticks anywhere. Her colors are dynamic and vivid! I recently ordered three impactful Studded Kiss lipsticks.

Some of the bravest shades in her Studded Kiss collection are Plan 9 – a bright cool green, Slayer – a matte black, Piaf – a chocolate brown with shimmer, and Poe – a sparkling navy. And with such a wide range of shades, her most subdued hue is Coven – a pale matte lavender.

I chose three shades in a range of pinks and violets:













The three lipstick colors I purchased are: Wolvesmouth (shimmering violet magenta), Magick (matte warm pink with a touch of coral), and Lovecraft (matte mauve nude). Sephora carries this line and they sell for about $21.00 USD each.



The cases that Kat designed for these lipsticks is gorgeous – the outside of the plastic case is covered with black studs and her KVD logo is in relief on the lid.

Each lipstick is infused with antioxidants: vitamins A, C and E. And, they were designed with a sweet, very mild Creme Brûlée scent.

The Wolvesmouth is my favorite of these three, and the Magick my least favorite (it may be just a bit too warm a shade for me). Lovecraft is the perfect cool nude color for my complexion, especially for daywear.



Love these lipsticks! Some of the colors I hope to add to my collection soon are: Chula – warm sienna, Mercy – deep berry wine, and Lullaby – sparkling magenta violet.


  • long-wearing
  • bold color payoff
  • no parabens, sulfates or phthalates
  • each weighs 0.10 oz or 3.0 g




studded xo, Jen



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    • GiveMeGorgeous
      GiveMeGorgeous says:

      Kat has some of the most vivid colors! Fabulous for high-impact looks. Let me know if you have any of her lipsticks that you love, or which of the colors appeals to you most. Thanks for visiting my post!


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