MAC Keepsakes Heirloom Collection Eye Palettes






MAC holiday 2014 features these two Keepsakes Eyeshadow Palettes as part of their Heirloom Collection. They are fabulous examples of how vibrant, pigmented and beautiful MAC eyeshadows are:










I received one of these from my sister for Christmas and I purchased the other. Both have such a lovely variety of colors, I wanted to make sure I had them both before they were gone! MAC and Nordstrom both carried these.







Glittery cases, with black and white cameo encrusted lids, these Keepsake palettes of 8 eyeshadows each are quite unique. The black case is the Keepsakes/Plum Eyes case and the white is Smoky Eyes. Each contains a combination of (F)Frost, L(Lustre)(M)Matte, S(Satin), Veluxe(V) and Velvet Veluxe Pearl(VXP) shades in .4g/.014oz trays.

PLUM EYES: Sensibility (F), Taupeless (L), Plum Grand (VXP), Nocturnelle (F), Fashion Beat (L), Subtly Elegant (M), Shadow Lady (M), and Magic Moor (VXP)








SMOKY EYES: Fancy Dress (M), Kid (V), Honey Lust (L), Satin Taupe (F), Forgery (L), Divine Rule (L), Noble Spirit (S), and Carbon (M)









The plum palette has been my favorite so far——the combinations are endless, easily going from day to evening looks.

Keep your eye out for more great limited edition MAC palettes!



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