WEN Cleansing Conditioner and TANGLE TEEZER

Today I thought I would blog two new hair products I have started using in one post: Wen haircare and the Tangle Teezer. In a continued effort to keep my long, color treated hair healthy and manageable, I found these two products that work very well to those ends. I bought the Wen on their website, which gives you the option to become a member and receive regular shipments of products at a 25% discount or purchase them individually at their regular prices. The Wen products contain no damaging detergents or sodium laurel sulfates. I had heard about detangling brushes similar to the Tangle Teezer and found the Salon Elite Pink one that I purchased on Amazon.










With a slightly curved bristle surface (including two lengths of alternating tiny bristles) the Tangle Teezer flows easily over the surface of my head, and works on both dry and wet hair. It also has a curved top with smooth indentations to make it easier to grip. Online, I’ve seen options for similar brushes in a variety of color options: Salon Elite pink, powder blue with pink bristles, all black, orange with yellow bristles and purple with pink bristles – to name a few. There are also models with longer curved handles, which I may want to eventually try. In my experience, this brush does indeed work very well. I usually use it on wet hair after shampooing, with some leave-in conditioner sprayed in first.










I saw that someone had asked the question online – Would this work on dog’s hair? Which I thought was funny, but the answer was yes. I’ve seen other notes that it also works well on kids hair (for those pesky tangles) and synthetic hair, fyi.

The Wen products came to my attention while searching online for shampoo recommendations for color treated and long hair. I was looking for a shampoo with natural ingredients that would moisturize strands, prevent breakage, and combat oil at the scalp. I am happy with the Wen products even though I still like to alternate washes with some of my regular shampoos to further combat oils. The Wen theory is to just use one hair product to shampoo and condition in one. They recommend you add the product to damp hair as the first step in your shower routine, leaving it on hair, only rinsing at the end of your shower. I also received an Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Treatment that can be added to the Cleansing Conditioner (again to keep it a one step process) for reviving damaged tresses with amino acids and essential oils. Note: these do not lather like other shampoos because of their focus on natural ingredients.

Wen offers a variety of hair products and at least 6 varieties of their Cleansing Conditioners: pomegranate, cucumber aloe, lavender, sweet almond mint, tea tree and fig. Each of these targets a particular hair need, but all of them are ok for all hair types.

Jen's hairDSCN1725









After using these products for a couple months I really noticed a positive difference in the health of my hair. I notice that I am getting fewer split and frayed ends. Having ‘tried it all’ with shampoos and hair care products I can say Wen is definitely worth its cost. If you have hard to manage hair or longer hair, I would recommend these products!

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xoxo, Jen


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