SEPHORA PANTONE Colab Color of the Year eye palette Radiant Orchid

Each year, for a least a few now, Sephora features a makeup collection Color Of The Year with Pantone Universe. This year’s rich, lush, vibrant and exotic color is Radiant Orchid. The Eye: Radiant Femme Artistry Palette is exceptional. Its sleek, sexy plastic casing is roughly just under 7 inches by just over 9.5 inches in size and very slim in width. Upon opening, you’ll find the lid conceals a full size mirror and the main tray has six sets of four eyeshadows with one larger pan of Pantone 18-3224 (Radiant Orchid) eyeshadow. Also, within the packaging is a handy fold-out sheet of six different looks you can try.

Radiant OrchidRadiant Orchid










All of the colors in this set are beautiful and well pigmented!! And, the palette itself is a fabulous value, with a wide range of metallic and matte, dark and light shades. In a clock-wise order, starting at the upper left corner of the palette, the quadrants of colors are called: Cream Dream, Rare Earth, Bird of Paradise, Venus Rising, Primal Flower and Midnight Orchid. The Rare Earth colors are one of my favorite sets, from which I’ve been able to create some lovely day-time looks. The two sets on the right side of the palette are great for bold evening looks. And, the Cream Dream set is the lightest, most muted of the color combinations.

Radiant Orchid









All 25 of the eyeshadow shades in this palette are radiant. The six styles were designed by Aaron de Mey.

  •, 2014
  • color: Radiant Orchid
  • Made in the USA
  • no parabens, sulfates or phthalates

Radiant Orchid colorsRadiant Orchid looks









Here are the color names in each of the quadrant sets:

Cream Dream: Pink Champagne, Peach Whip, Almost Apricot & Fairy Tale

Rare Earth: Dawn, Rose Cloud, Camel & Rain Drum

Bird of Paradise: Glacier, Blue Spruce, Cendre Blue & Ensign Blue

Venus Rising: Sheer Pink, Fudgesickle, Vineyard Wine & Mulberry Purple

Primal Flower: Cornsilk, Toasted Almond, Red Violet & Deep Taupe

Midnight Orchid: Snow White, Silver, Quiet Shade & Caviar

and, of course – RADIANT ORCHID!


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