EM COSMETICS – the life moment palettes

I recently discovered EM Cosmetics by Michelle Phan. Love the color combinations she has put together, and range of colors in one palette!

EM Cosmetics sells online, and offers a full range of makeup choices. There are four very large the life palettes, as well as smaller versions called the life moment palettes (as in this post). These two moment palette colors combos that I selected are: valentine life: secret admirer edition and holiday life: new year’s count down.

Each palette comes with 2 lip colors, 9 eye shades and 1 blush.

The cases for these palettes are very compact and stylish. Each of the color trays is held in magnetically and can be removed by inserting a pin in the small circle indent to the lower of right and prying the tray up. This allows for colors to be rearranged to combine sets that you prefer to use the most among your EM Cosmetics palettes. The large life palettes even come with an empty small palette and a tool to remove the color trays.

the life palette minis - michelle phan

the life palette minis - michelle phanthe life palette minis - michelle phan















the life palette moment – valentine life: secret admirer edition (with the lighter of the two blush options) colors:

  • lip – chic, black cherry
  • eye – darling shimmer, just a glance, candle light dinner, goody two shoes, cupid shimmer & candy kisses.
  • cheek – day dreaming

the life palette moment – holiday life: new year’s countdown edition colors:        

  • lip: sparkling punch, stroke of plum
  • eye: clock strikes midnight, happy new year!, cranberry cocktail, couples gold, good cheers! & sequin dress
  • blush: countdown

I have had fun experimenting/mixing and matching with these. The lip colors are nice, but end up like more of a gloss. The eyeshadows include a lot of sparkle and a couple are a bit glittery. The lightest color in the upper left of each palette works perfectly for highlighting along the brow bone and the two darkest colors in the lower right serve splendidly as eyeliner colors as well as eyeshadow.

I wore the holiday life colors today, with a fairly light application:



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