YES TO Cucumbers daily gel cleanser

The Yes To brand makes a variety of natural skin care (face and body), hair and baby products that each focus on a specific natural ingredient. Other Yes To products are Yes To Carrots, Yes To Grapefruit, Yes To Tomatoes and Yes To Blueberries. This face cleanser is Yes To CUCUMBERS. The squeeze containers for this face wash is plastic with a snap open and closed lid, perfect for keeping in the shower. In the greater Seattle area at least, this can be purchased at Target, Walgreens, Whole Foods, Ulta or Walmart.

I recently finished up a tube of this specific product and decided to get another because it filled a specific skin care need for me. Although I don’t feel that it is great at removing makeup necessarily, I do love the cucumber smell of this wash and like to use it for it’s soothing effect – either first thing in the morning when I have a bare face or just after I have washed my face, for the extra calming of skin especially if it is dry or sunburned.

It is a very gentle gel-based cleaner that is supposed to help with washing away dirt and impurities. The product is clear, does not create much lather and is most effective when washed off with lukewarm water. Its ingredients include organic cucumbers, aloe vera, green tea, sunflower seed oil, citric acid and water.

  • $9.99 – 2013
  • Yes To Cucumbers – daily gel cleanser
  • weight: 3.38oz, 95g
  • Made in USA
  • cruelty-free
  • hypoallergenic
  • recyclable
  • 96% natural

daily gel cleanserdaily gel cleanserdaily gel cleanser


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