ELF Studio Shimmer Palette – sheer sunrise

This little shimmer color palette comes in a case roughly 4.25″ by just under 2.5″. It contains four sheer shimmery colors and one small applicator brush, with a small rectangular mirror in the lid of the case. The black plastic case has rounded corners, no hard edges, with a depth of about .25″. I bought this at Target for $3.00 – with that price you can’t go wrong!

Love this little palette! I use any of these colors as a lid primer or base, although they also work well as a highlighter under the eyebrow. They are versatile enough to use on lips and cheeks as well. Each of the sunrise colors (shimmery white, pale pearl pink, sparkly beige, and a light true pink) are neutral and work well to brighten up the eye area as well as provide purchase for eyeshadow colors. The shades are sheer and best blended as a very thin layer as otherwise they tend to have a bit of buildup especially in the crease of the eyelid. The small applicator brush works in a pinch, but the bristles are very short and I usually apply these with a longer soft bristled brush instead and blend them with my finger.

  • elf.com – eyes lips face or Target – 2013
  • color: Sheer Sunrise, #30419

elf Shimmer Paletteelf Shimmer Palette in the boxelf Shimmer Palette box

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