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I found these lovely, light pink makeup brushes on All nine of the brushes in this set have synthetic, pink or partially pink, fiber bristles that are very soft, with pink wooden handles. The three tools – eyebrow comb/brush combo, eyeshadow applicator and mascara wand are black with the same pink handles as the rest of the set. Each of the pieces are about 7 to 7.5 inches in length and came bundled in a pink synthetic roll-up case that snaps shut, as well as individually wrapped in a small plastic covers. The set was just $16.40 and included shipping. I did notice that you can find other similar makeup brush sets that offer a wider range of large brushes through Amazon, which I may want to get at a later date.

The range of eye brushes include: an all-pink bristled large power brush, a fan brush (great for brushing off excess powder or capturing stray eyeshadow flecks), various sizes of eyeshadow brushes, a small cream-eyeliner brush and a couple other small eye brushes for precision makeup application. Overall I like this set very well. The roll-up storage case smells a little plastic-y and is pretty cheap looking but the brushes are all very nice. On some of the brushes the bristles seemed too soft to adequately carry the makeup, but they all are working out very well. And, the price is quite good!

I washed them with baby shampoo the day I got them and have used them along with some of my other favorite brushes almost every day since!

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