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As the months get warmer, and skin dryer – these continuous spray moisturizers are quick and easy to use. After spraying the Spray & Go moisturizer on (it uses a compressed-air system, which is different then aerosol) you can easily rub it into the skin on your legs or arms. Because the product has to be thinner than your standard pump lotion to be able to spray, these go on relatively thin and absorb quickly to target dryness in multi-layers of skin. This moisturizer comes in three varieties: aloe fresh, total moisture (with oat extract) and cocoa radiant (with cocoa butter). I bought the aloe one, and my mother bought a set of three and gave me the total moisture one. The top of the lid twists to lock shut and disable the spray so that you can throw it in your weekend or gym bag. They can be found at most drug stores or grocery stores and run somewhere between $5.00-$7.00 each. The scent of either of the two that I have is very light and fresh.

Especially in the morning, I like to use these when just getting out of the shower to lock in the moisture. They are quick and easy for the morning routine, when I’d rather not spend time rubbing a thick lotion on that will likely be somewhat absorbed by my clothes. I spray this moisturizer on my legs before getting dressed. I have not had any problems with the spray working on mine, but the bottle says to rinse the lid to get rid of any clogs.

I’ve included two photos of the bottles below, so that you could see their instructions for use on the back of the one. And a swatch of what the spray looks like on my arm before rubbed into the skin (more densely sprayed from left to right).

  • weight: 6.5 oz, 184 g
  • made by Unilever

Spray & Go back of bottleSpray and Go 2Spray & Go arm swatch

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  1. Sam
    Sam says:

    I’ve never heard of a spray moisturizer before. I could see why it would be nice for summer, especially when you don’t want a heavy moisturizer sitting on your skin all day. Interesting. Thanks for the tip!


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