GIORGIO ARMANI Acqua di Gioia eau de parfum set – a fresh green scent

I had smelled a sample card for this scent from a magazine some time ago and saved the ad as a reminder for the next time I was looking for a new perfume. Recently I decided it was time for a new, fresh cologne for summer, and this one caught my attention again. I love the green/floral and woodsy notes as well as the sweeter fruit aromas. It reminds me of being out of doors on a tropical vacation – with the mixed smells of water, citrus and flowers. My man, who is surprisingly particular about fashion and scents, likes this one and describes it this way: “Its not exactly a floral. Its warm and woodsy, soft, with tones of vanilla and butterscotch and just a hint of rose.”

The notes of the fragrance blend well together giving it a complex appeal. Some of the specific components are: grapefruit, ylang-ylang, cedar, mandarin & lemon, jasmine, brown sugar and a hint of musk. Decided to get this set rather than just the eau de parfum in order to have a variety of ways to wear this fragrance, and because the set was better priced that buying a selection of items separately over time. This Acqua di Gioia set was priced at $87.00 and notes that its value is $149.00 – it comes with eau de parfum spray, body lotion and an eau de parfum roll-on fragrance pen.

Giorgio Armani describes this perfume as the Essence of Joy. If it is possible to smell pure, happy, elegant and optimistic – this scent does it. Petrichor (meaning the scent of rain or the scent of botanical oils in the environment after being re-activated by an overdue rain) is another way to describe the variety of complicated, refreshing aromas in this scent. Other fitting descriptors include: fresh, tropical, feminine, crisp and clean. The smooth glass bottle the eau de parfume comes in fits in my hand, fully filling my palm. The bottle itself is a cool greenish blue with a lid several shades darker. The lovely cologne lasts all day and never smells too sweet or to fruity. Acqua di Gioia also comes in a hair mist and shower gel, as well as a version for men Acqua di Gio.

Let me know if you have a favorite summer scent!

  • $87.00 – 2013
  • Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani gift set
  • eau de parfum spray – 3.4oz; body lotion – 2.5oz; eau de parfum roll-on fragrance pen – 0.34oz


Aqua di Gioia bottle

Aqua di Gioia bottle


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