KAT VON D – True Romance Eyeshadow Palette TRUTH

This was a special edition eye palette from Kat Von D – sold by Sephora, that I’ve had for a little while now. The colors, from left to right are: sugar skull (frosty golden cream), long distance (frosty yellow green), snake eyes (matte light lime green), finlandcream eyeshadow (aqua blue), prague (matte dark burgundy purple), galeano (frosty lilac pink), rehab (frosty beige pink) and sister (matte pale shell pink). I particularly liked the bright, light greens in this set when I purchased it. The white palette is plastic with a big mirror in the lid, that snaps closed.

The Kat Von D line seems to create some really original colors that are hard to find elsewhere. I like all of these colors, however the one cream eyeshadow did dry out over time and is not proving easy to use now even after trying to scrape off just the driest part of the surface of this tray of color. The lightest colors, the rose/pinks and the pearl color are the easiest to use. The greens will create a bolder look, but can be worn fairly sheer.

  • Sephora.com – 2012
  • color: True Romance Eyeshadow Palette – Truth
  • weight: 8 x 0.05oz or 8 x 1.4g
  • Made in USA


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