SMASHBOX Studio Pop Eye Palette

With 16 Photo Op eye shadows and 4 cream eyeliners, this palette is a colorful find. The eyeshadows include: Nocturnal, Lunar, Emerald, Nude, Vanilla, Obsidian, Champagne, Bark, Cinder, Pastel, Orchid, Flamingo, Smoke, Amethyst, 24K and Nutmeg. The eyeliner colors are: Bronze, Royal, Picasso and Nightlife.

I can’t get enough of these large palettes with amazing color selections. Finding this one on sale at The Rack, I had to have it. The frost eyeshadow colors are very silky and go on smoothly, the matte colors have a bit more fallout and are best used with a primer (which I always recommend). The palette itself opens up down the middle to reveal a long mirror on the left and four eyeshadow schemes tucked in a plastic pocket on the left.

The shades are beautiful and offer endless color combinations. I have tried the card labeled Pro, which turned out nicely although I will probably just line my eyes with Emerald and use Cinder or Nutmeg in the crease next time. A couple other color arrangements I’ve discovered and liked are:                                                                                                                                      1. crease – Nude, lid – Pastel and outer corner of eye on lash line – Nocturnal                                                                                                           2. crease – Cinder, lid – Lunar and outer corner of eye on lash line – Orchid

  • Nordstrom Rack, on sale $24.97 – 2013
  • Smashbox Studio Pop Eye Palette
  • weight – eye shadows each .04 oz, 1.25 g, eye liners each .05 oz, 1.70 g
  • Made in USA


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